Location of Database and how to backup

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Location of Database and how to backup

Postby aio » Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:07 am

I am currently a new user of SIT. Since i am also a newly hired personnel, i am tasked to learn the existing SIT in the office. My first agenda is to successfully install it at least in a local unit. This is because i need to clean up the data of the existing SIT and have it backed up and be restored to a new installation that i'll be setting up. What's the database name and where is it located? My test setup is running in a wamp server in my notebook.
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Re: Location of Database and how to backup

Postby Tomse » Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:27 pm

hello and welcome.

the name and location of the database is user configurateable, the default values are localhost for the mysql database and "sit" as database name.
you can look in config.inc.php to see if this is true.. if no database server or name is defined it's using default settings, otherwise it's written in this file.
Same goes for username and password to the database.

hope this helps.

If you have a problem, give us enough info of what you have done, what is configured in relation to your question.
Enable debugging and post it's censored but relevant info. Don't forget to write which version of SiT you're running.
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