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SiT! features

Postby txapeldot » Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:32 am

Hi everybody:

I've been assigned the task of setting up a HelpDesk solution in the organization I’m currently working for, and I’ve decided that this HelpDesk solution is going to be an opensource solution like SiT! But before to set up SiT!, I'd like to check that SiT! will meet some of the requirements I’ve been reported.

The first one is related to the ‘SSO (Single Sign-On) support’ feature, that is, the HelpDesk solution must be accessible within a corporate web application previously developed, where users have to login before to have access to the HelpDesk solution. Through the wiki of SiT! I’ve read that one of the features of SiT! tool is ‘LDAP Integration (Support for Active Directory, eDirectory, openLDAP)’, but I don’t know if SiT! will meet an "ad-hoc" integration as the one I’m setting out. And I’d really appreciate if this point could be clarified.

Other issue I’d like to check is the one concerning the personalization of the look&feel of the SiT! web interface. This personalization would include theme customization and what is known as 'brand-removal', that is the chance of removing SiT! logos and/or SiT! refereneces from their current places within the SiT! web interface.

And to finish, I’d like to know if SiT! tool provides any kind of live communication tool (e.g., live-chat based solutions) in order for both regular users and HelpDesk agents can communicate each other on a real-time basis.

I’d really appreciate if someone could clarify the level of fulfillment for SiT! tool on the quoted requirements.
Looking forward to reading the opinion of someone of SiT! development team.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: SiT! features

Postby Tomse » Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:08 am

Hello and welcome.

I can say that I've had SiT running with Active Directory integration and NTLM validation, which means that the user doesn't even need to logon but get direct access to the interface.

Changing logo and menu is very easy, you can replace the logo file in the theme or make your own theme.
the SiT menu text is replaced in your config settings under control panel.

The only communication SiT has is through email, notifications etc. there are no live chat, remote desktop.

Hope this answers your questions
If you have a problem, give us enough info of what you have done, what is configured in relation to your question.
Enable debugging and post it's censored but relevant info. Don't forget to write which version of SiT you're running.
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