<tomse> g'night
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<Nicdev007> morning tomse
*** SubWolf has joined #sit
<SubWolf> Morning tomse.
* tomse hugs SubWolf
* tomse hugs Nicdev007
<tomse> morning ;-)
* Nicdev007 hugs everyone on this beautiful friday morning, including ericthefish in his absence
* SubWolf hugs Nicdev007
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<ericthefish> good morning Nicdev007 / tomse / SubWolf
<Nicdev007> good morning sir ericthefish ... please take your hug at the entrance as i a lready dispatched it earlier in your absence
<tomse> good morning ericthefish
<ericthefish> thanks Nicdev007
<ericthefish> hows it going guys?
<Nicdev007> :-) It's friday .. hug day
<Nicdev007> :-D
<Nicdev007> fine thanks and yourself
<ericthefish> I'm not sure about all these hugs, it's very european
<ericthefish> ;)
<ericthefish> yeah I'm good
<Nicdev007> i've been in france too long ;-)
<Nicdev007> btw tomse started it this morning
* Nicdev007 points at tomse and heads for the exit
<ericthefish> lol
<ericthefish> so long as I don't get kisses on the cheeks I'm good with it
<ericthefish> we brits do handshakes, far safer IMO
<Nicdev007> hehehe ... i promise i won't do those .. but i can't vouch for the rest of the (so called ) men in France
<ericthefish> hehe
<Nicdev007> in south africa you only kiss your family and Girlfriend .. handshakes for the rest
<Nicdev007> you may be beaten for trying to kiss someone like that in SA
<ericthefish> I have no idea how the french came up with that idea, surely it's not very compatible with the strong cheese, garlics and onions the french are famous for
<Nicdev007> ROTFL .. that's true
<ericthefish> the only good reason to buy a Mac http://i.imgur.com/NeLtA.jpg
<tomse> one should be careful with handshakes.. they are not sanitized when going back to coding, thus leaving a trail of bugs ;-)
<Nicdev007> lol ericthefish
<Nicdev007> bbl lunch
<tomse> and lol @ beer server
<ericthefish> lol
<tomse> home time.. see you in a few
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<Nicdev007> lunch today is this ericthefish : http://media.photobucket.com/image/kfc%20boxmaster/simfonika/kfc_boxmaster.jpg
<Nicdev007> me likes: http://www.htc.com/uk/product/flyer/overview.html
<ericthefish> nice lunch
<ericthefish> interesting tablet
<ericthefish> meeting now bbiab
<Nicdev007> cya laters
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<Nicdev007> wb tomse
<tomse> thanks Nicdev007 :-)
<Nicdev007> i'd send you another hug but i think ericthefish may ban them soon if we're not careful
<tomse> haha
<tomse> I would give you one back
* tomse shakes Nicdev007's hand
<tomse> hehe
* Nicdev007 shakes tomse's hand carefully
<Nicdev007> tomse .. did you ever play with the "holidays" feature in SiT§  ?
<Nicdev007> !wiki holidays
-sitbot- See http://sitracker.org/wiki/holidays
<tomse> not really no
<tomse> nice feature though
<Nicdev007> i was trying to configure public holidays ... fro example next week Thu and friday are National holidays .. but atm our SiT doesn't know that
<Nicdev007> ah got it .. set public holidays
<tomse> no, you can add that by going to set public holidays
<tomse> be careful
<tomse> once set, it cannot be removed
<Nicdev007> why?
<tomse> until version 3.90
<Nicdev007> uhm what do you maen ?? that a challenge
<tomse> you have no way of undoing it (except for manipulating the db
<Nicdev007> thats what i always do when software says "you can't change that..."
<Nicdev007> lol
<tomse> hehe
<Nicdev007> thanks for the heads up btw
<tomse> np :-)
<Nicdev007> i never bothered to set them but i see it messes up our stats
<tomse> ahh
<Nicdev007> anyway, i've set it now .....
<Nicdev007> thanks
<tomse> np :-)
<Nicdev007> ah i found one issue ... our holiday cycle works from June-May ...
<Nicdev007> tomse my page says: "Holiday Entitlement (Until 30/11/16):"
<Nicdev007> is that 30 Nov 2016?
<Nicdev007> mmmhh it gets that from the users db .... but i've never set it ..
* Nicdev007 looks closer
<Nicdev007> ah holiday_resetdate os NULL for everyone !?
<tomse> I think you need to set holiday entitlement
<Nicdev007> yeah i have figured it out finaly ;-)
<tomse> was it set to disabled ?
<Nicdev007> does that mean that the system will mark you out off office automatically when your leave starts?
<tomse> that feature will only come in 3.90
<Nicdev007> it was enabled but never confgiured properly .. so my DB table is 3+ years old, and we are ++ versions of SiT!
<tomse> but it means that if you take a week off, you'll get 5 days subtracted from your holidays left
<tomse> hehe
<Nicdev007> lol .. that does a lot of good for companies without an HR system ;-)
<tomse> yeah it does
<tomse> it's a pretty nifty feature
<Nicdev007> but for us the real advantage is to mark a guy OOO when he's leave comes in case he forgets (as the do 99% of the time)
<tomse> yeah.. I think Ivan fixed that for 3.90 a week or so ago
<Nicdev007> cool ;-)
<tomse> yeah.. v3.90 will be awesome
<Nicdev007> i have a hypothetical feature request .. can i run it by your clever brain ???
<tomse> no..
<tomse> but you can run it though my 1 IQ  brain :-)
<Nicdev007> won't hurt i promise
<Nicdev007> lol
<Nicdev007> NOT A LOT ANYWAY
<tomse> hahah
<Nicdev007> hahahahahahaha
<tomse> with 1 in IQ it might hurt hehe
<tomse> fire away
<Nicdev007> ok ... scenario:
<Nicdev007> we have 2 guys with the same set of skills ... they are each others backups ..ok
<Nicdev007> when 1 is away, the other takes his incidents
<Nicdev007> and vica versa
<Nicdev007> with me?
<tomse> yup
<Nicdev007> so now they BOTH go on holiday .... and a guy from another team stands in ... thus he needs to look at Both their incidents ....but there is no place to specify such a global person .. c what i mean?
<tomse> they get bounced to the manager
<Nicdev007> this guy is like a "temp replacement for 2 people"
<tomse> into the incident queue
<Nicdev007> he is on leave at the same time
<tomse> I follow you
<tomse> I think they'll get into the incident holding queue (not manager)
<Nicdev007> i've been think of a feature to specify a "super replacement dude" for a "Group" in SiT! .. that way if everyone in the group is out of office, all incidents will come to his queue
<Nicdev007> ... if he is marked 'in office" of course
<tomse> I can see what you mean.. can't think of anything either for or against
<Nicdev007> we work in groups (2x software engineers and 2x hardware engineers), and they are each others backups afa skills are concerned ... this system works great .. but .. the catch is when they are Both out of office and not accepting
<Nicdev007> .. for re-assignment AND new incidents
<tomse> you need a fall-guy
<tomse> hehe
<Nicdev007> yeah thats it .. i need to be able to specify a global Fall guy
<Nicdev007> a GFG to be precise
<tomse> I can see it's useful
<Nicdev007> dropdown in the "group" settings page "Specify GFG for this group" ... if none .. work as normal .. if specified temp assign all incidents to this GFG
<Nicdev007> when the others are both OOO
* Nicdev007 wonders if i can backport ericthefish's changes to the holidays to 3.63 ...
<Nicdev007> gotta run .. home time
<tomse> see you later :-)
<Nicdev007> cu later too
* Nicdev007 shakes everyones hands cordially before heading for the exit
<Nicdev007> lol
* tomse waves at Nicdev007
<tomse> hehe
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<Nicdev007> hey i'm home .. finally weekend
* Nicdev007 waves at tomse ericthefish and SubWolf
* Nicdev007 waddles off to the firdge to find a cold Heineken
<SubWolf> mmm
<tomse> wn Nicdev007 :-)
<tomse> sorry.. just had myself a quick nap ;-)
* ericthefish is back from his meeting
<tomse> short meeting
<tomse> who are you, and what year is it ?
<ericthefish> lol!
* Nicdev007 opens a beer for ericthefish and tomse as well
<Nicdev007> Pschtt!
<tomse> cheers ;-)
<Nicdev007> Pschtt!
<Nicdev007> cheers
<Nicdev007> I still need to run the "fall guy idea" by ericthefish
<tomse> good idea.. now that he's here ;-)
<tomse> I think he could do with talking about sit for some time after that long meeting ;-)
<Nicdev007> he's here ! really? i thought he was eaten by the Metting monster
<Nicdev007> *Meeting
<tomse> hehe
<ericthefish> cheers for the beer
<ericthefish> shlurrp
<ericthefish> Nicdev007: whats this idea of yours?
<Nicdev007> lol .; i gave you a beer before running it by you ericthefish
<ericthefish> thanks  *shlurrrp*
<Nicdev007> i ran it down for tomse .. before ... maybe can you read that and tell me if you catch what i mean ?
<Nicdev007> sorry .. my french keyboard and all ...
<Nicdev007> not so easy to type with a beer in your hand ...
<Nicdev007> lol
<Nicdev007> btw OOO = out of office
* Nicdev007 reads what he wrote to tomse
<ericthefish> reading ^^
<Nicdev007> bought one of these: http://www.swatterchina.com/images/Electric_fly_swatter_23.jpg
<tomse> they are good against mosquitoes too
<ericthefish> lol - what does it do, flip automatically or electricute the fly?
<tomse> ~3v of electrocution
<ericthefish> about the fall guy idea, what about if you had the option to select a group as a substitute and it picked whoever in that group was most available/best suited?
<tomse> the group is a grand idea
<tomse> then it doesn't fall on any one person
<Nicdev007> yeah thats a good idea ... i know our case is specific, we have one guy as a stand-in .. on the other hand we can put that guy (or guys) in a new group called "backups"
<Nicdev007> and then it will look in that group .. your idea is excellent
<ericthefish> what happens if your one guy is out of the office?
<ericthefish> at the moment we go to holding queue if we've nowhere to go, so that would happen.
<Nicdev007> good question ... goes to manager or stays with the original owner
<Nicdev007> or holding queue
<ericthefish> I suppose the substitutes group idea would be in addition to the substitute engineer
<ericthefish> just trying to think how the interface could work for that
<Nicdev007> yeah i agree
<Nicdev007> in the groups page, we could add an additional setting "fallback group"
<ericthefish> I think you'd want to set it on the backup engineers page, and possibly have more than one fallback group
<Nicdev007> means an additional column in the db
<Nicdev007> ah yes sorry thats what i think i meant
<ericthefish> I guess a second column on there... hmmm
<ericthefish> I like this idea
<ericthefish> could you do me a favour and log it in mantis?  I gotta go and get my train
<Nicdev007> no probs will log it later
<Nicdev007> got some guests for a bbq
<Nicdev007> soon
<Nicdev007> laters and thanks ericthefish
<ericthefish> cheers everyone
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<tomse> wb ericthefish
<ericthefish> thanks tomse
<tomse> been looking to upgrade my legend to 2.3
<tomse> ended out in me ordering a 16gb mem card to it as a start.. I have 100megs left on my 4GB drive
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<ericthefish> 16gig, niiice
<tomse> they are quite cheap now..  ca £25
<ericthefish> wow
<tomse> I'm considdering installing a new mailserver instead of using qmail.. I wonder if I should use kolab on ubuntu
<ericthefish> hmm I've never tried kolab
<ericthefish> could be an interesting experiment though
<ericthefish> I'm zonked, time for bed.  I'll be around at some point tomorrow for a few hours coding at the very least, can't say when it'll be though
<ericthefish> goodnight
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