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<tomse> !msg ericthefish I edited the d-day announcement as there was a reference to an attachment but no attachment was uploaded
-sitbot- OK
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<Nicdev007> morning sir tomse ... how ya doin?
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<tomse> good morning SubWolf & Nicdev007
<tomse> Nicdev007: I'm fine, and you sir ?
<tomse> !msg ericthefish good morning to you too :-)
-sitbot- OK
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<tomse> hih hihih
* tomse pokes ericthefish
<ericthefish> goood morning tomse
-sitbot- Sent 3 hours and 24 minutes ago: <tomse> ericthefish: I edited the d-day announcement as there was a reference to an attachment but no attachment was uploaded
-sitbot- Sent 1 minute ago: <tomse> ericthefish: good morning to you too :-)
<ericthefish> ouch
<tomse> hehe
<ericthefish> thanks tomse, I did that in a bit of a rush, I forgot to check it
<tomse> np :-)
<ericthefish> good morning Nicdev007
<ericthefish> good morning SubWolf
<tomse> btw.. the post is not set as an announce, just as normal, don't know if it should be on announce
<ericthefish> d'oh
<ericthefish> I'll fix that
<ericthefish> possibly a bit late now
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<Techfree> hi all
<ericthefish> good morning Techfree
<Techfree> good morning ericthefish
-sitbot- New news from phpbb: Developer Day & Meeting - 8 October || Announcements • v3.65 LTS Released! (Security Update)
<ericthefish> just so you're all aware, I've been notified of some security issues with v3.65
<Nicdev007> hey sir ericthefish and sir tomse how are you guys doing then ;-)
<tomse> again ? :-(
<ericthefish> I'll divert my attention during the developer day to fixing these issues before working on 3.90, and hopefully there will be a 3.66 release quite soon
<tomse> Nicdev007: doing great.. leaving for home now :-)
<ericthefish> yeah again :-( d'oh
<tomse> talk to you gent's later :-)
<Nicdev007> hey nice enjoy!
<ericthefish> cheers tomse
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<Nicdev007> hey ericthefish
<ericthefish> hows it going?
<Nicdev007> ok and you ... too much to do and too little time ;-)
<Nicdev007> maybe we can fix bug 1098 for 3.66 as well ...? then i can upgrade ;-)
-sitbot- Bug 1098 - nicdev - assigned - reopened
-sitbot- Emails with .msg attachments import the messages as .jpeg - http://bugs.sitracker.org/view.php?id=1098
<ericthefish> I think it is already actually... I found the culprit anyway, not sure if I committed it
<Nicdev007> ah ok cool ;-)
<ericthefish> I've targetted it for 3.66 now anyway so I'll be sure to look at it before release
<Nicdev007> btw i see that we cannot load additional css sheets in "incident_html_top.php" .. same as bug 1107 where i could not load pagescripts ..
-sitbot- Bug 1107 - nicdev - resolved - fixed
-sitbot- The funtion "autocomplete()" does not work in incident_email page - http://bugs.sitracker.org/view.php?id=1107
<Nicdev007> we can in the normal htmlheader
<ericthefish> I'm not sure, but I think it's possible in 3.90
<Nicdev007> ah i did not check .... it screws things for 3.6x abit though ..
<Nicdev007> not serious though
<ericthefish> you should be able make a custom theme to work around that one
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<Nicdev007> i just copy/ pasted the code from the 'htmlheader.inc' into the incident header, and it works ok ...
<Nicdev007> to include $pagecss[]
<ericthefish> that'll also work ;)_
<Nicdev007> i prefer to create a .css file in the same name as the plugin, and then include it with the context 'define_menu' ... it could be nice though if SiT could load the plugin's css file like it loads the i18n file .. automgically ...
<ericthefish> hmm not sure about that, the interaction between css files from different plugins would be very hard to predict
<ericthefish> you could use the html_head plugin context to include some style information if you wanted
<Nicdev007> ... i see what you mean ... but we could have some naming rules for css classes ..; html_head?
<Nicdev007> ah added in 3.90 only :-(
<Nicdev007> maybe we can add it in 3.66?
<Nicdev007> seeing as it is just a plugin context .. tht could help ;-)
<ericthefish> html_head should be in 3.6x according the wiki page
<ericthefish> !wiki Plugin_Contexts
-sitbot- See http://sitracker.org/wiki/Plugin_Contexts
<Nicdev007> "html_head - Inside the HTML <head> section of all pages (Added in v3.90)"
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<Nicdev007> wb - bye - wb - bye - wb ericthefish
<ericthefish> lol thanks Nicdev007
<Nicdev007> no problem :-)
<ericthefish> my computer has been flaky recently, not sure what it is but something is causing it to completely lock up
<ericthefish> I'm suspecting my graphics card or driver
<Nicdev007> ah yes likely candidate .. or a RAm issue ;-)
<ericthefish> could be
<Nicdev007> btw i confirm that html_head is in fact not in "incident_html_top.inc.php" nor in htmlheader.inc.php fro version 3.65
<Nicdev007> it is in 3.90 though
<ericthefish> that sucks then
<Nicdev007> yeah but maybe we can add it for 3.66 ??
<ericthefish> I'm not sure how that documentation has the wrong information
<ericthefish> sure
<ericthefish> I wonder if it was removed accidentally or something
<Nicdev007> possibly ;-) this time i am innocent your honour ;-)
<Nicdev007> OT .. i have found the issue i think with my plugin not sending mail correctly ....
<ericthefish> oh ?
<Nicdev007> yeah it seems when the plugin fires the trigger the "extra-header: X-Originating-IP" is not filled in (blank) .. but when the trigger is fired by "incident_add.php" that header is filled and the email is sent .... wierd
<Nicdev007> seems if it is blank our server blocks it ??!!??
<ericthefish> I think it sorta makes sense if your server does block it, but why is it blank I wonder...
<Nicdev007> we use $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] to get the IP .. why it would work from the SiT! script and not my plugin is a mystery ... I may suggest an "if" there ... thus if it is empty then try something else
<Nicdev007> the header is constructed in "send-email()" in functions.inc.php
<ericthefish> yeah thats a superglobal it should work from anywhere/any script
<Nicdev007> what i thought too .... but then again .. when i am sending an email .. it is my IP address .. but when auto.php runs my plugin .. the client IS the server .. see what i mean?
<ericthefish> ohhh... REMOTE_ADDR won't work from auto.php called by cron...
<Nicdev007> Yep!
<Nicdev007> By  Jove old chap!
<ericthefish> REMOTE_ADDR is a web server variable, there's no webserver in that case
<Nicdev007> hehehehe
<ericthefish> I'm slow this week
<Nicdev007> so we'll need to put an if in there i think ...
<ericthefish> slap me around the head with a herring!
<Nicdev007> if it is empty then use the server I
<Nicdev007> IP
* Nicdev007 slap ericthefish's head with a Herring
<ericthefish> yeah if we can get it, not sure whether we can
<ericthefish> LOL thanks!
<Nicdev007> no problem .. what friends are for
<ericthefish> feel free to make that change if you like, I gotta go for lunch
<Nicdev007> no probs
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<Nicdev007> wb tomse
<tomse> ta :-)
<Nicdev007> wow ericthefish this is very wierd but when we run auto.php (thus from a scheduled task with Command line) it seems that the $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDRESS'] and $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] are NOT filled at all!! This means that all emails sent bu scripts executed fromt he command line will have no "X-Originating-IP" and will most probably be blocked by the server ... this may explain some peoples issues with auto emails??
<Nicdev007> so for now i have set it up to look for either (if .. elseif ... else) and in the last case i hardcoded the server IP ..; i'll work on a better fix this weekend
<Nicdev007> ciao for now
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<Nicdev007> hey again ericthefish tomse SubWolf
<Nicdev007> ericthefish: did you get my last message about $_SERVER variables
<tomse> wb Nicdev007 :-)
<ericthefish> Nicdev007: I thought we established that earlier, those variables are HTTP variables they won't get filled when using auto.php via cron
<ericthefish> HTTP server variables I mean
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<tomse> good night
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<Nicdev007> @later tell ericthefish ericthefish, yes i know we established that what i was looking for was some ideas for a solution ;-) cu tomorrow
-sitbot- OK
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