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Download.png Download SiT!

While you're waiting for the download to complete, why not check out the Release Notes and Installation guide.

Alternative download location

If you have problems downloading from sourceforge you can grab SiT from our local mirror here

SiT! may also be available in your distribution: See FreeBSD Ports. We're keenly looking for people to help make packages for their Linux/BSD distribution, if you've made or would like to make a package for your distribution please contact us.

32px-Fairytale apply.svg.png Verify the download

Every file we publish has an accompanying checksum, and newer releases are now signed with an openPGP key. You can use these to have assurance that the file has not been tampered with and that it has downloaded properly.

To validate the file using the MD5 checksum, download the appropriate sit_x.xx.tar.gz.md5 file into the same folder as the release and run the following command

md5sum -c sit_x.xx.tar.gz.md5

First get a copy of the openPGP public key. (You only need to do this once). The openPGP ID is 0xB83F4F6AFA33C4FE and the fingerprint is 2208 BB97 8E11 BA20 4989 2152 B83F 4F6A FA33 C4FE.

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 0xB83F4F6AFA33C4FE

To validate the file using the openPGP signature, download the appropriate sit_x.xx.tar.gz.sig file into the same folder as the release and run the following command

gpg --verify sit_x.xx.tar.gz.sig

Crystal Clear mimetype source php32.png Download the source code

SiT is a Free and Open Source software project (GPL v2), everybody is free to run, study, adapt, redistribute and improve it as they like. While the standard SiT tar.gz file contains all the source to SiT, some people may prefer to use the projects Git repository. If you don't want to make any changes to SiT, you can grab the latest source code from or even better you can make a git clone if you plan to make changes:

git clone

The code for the 3.6x (and earlier) versions of SiT can be found at

svn co sit3

The code in svn and git is the latest development code, however, it may be unstable at the moment and we don't recommend you run this in a live environment.

For more information about developing with the SiT source code, see Development How To.

Crystal vmware32.png Download the Virtual Machine

We also provide a VMWare virtual machine image so that you can get it up and running quickly in order to evaluate it.

See Also

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