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After installing, why do I keep being redirected to setup?

Check your config.inc.php file has no extraneous characters or whitespace before or after the php tags and the database settings are correct.

After installing, why can't I login?

Versions 3.23 to 3.30 generate a random password for the admin account during installation, this password is only displayed once, if you haven't made a note of it we suggest you reinstall. Note that SiT requires php sessions to handle logins, without it you may see strange results, your php.ini file should contain "session.auto_start = 0". Note also that the password that is displayed during setup may be displayed at the bottom of a long page, make sure you scroll to the bottom and read all the pages that are displayed during installation. If you encountered problems during setup, you may also need to run setup.php one final time to see this message. Versions 3.31 and later prompt for you to create your own admin account and password during installation, you should make a note of the password so that you don't forget it.

Version 3.45 has a bug where the tables and admin user aren't created, re-visit setup.php to complete the process.

After installing why do I get a fatal error message

If you see the message "Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'db_connect.inc.php" after installing it means your PHP include path does not contain the path to your SiT /includes directory.

After installing I see a warning 'Cannot send session cache limiter'

If you see a warning message similar to Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /var/www/includes/config.inc.php it probably means you have a space or other characters before or after the <?php or ?> tags in your config.inc.php file. This file should not have extra spaces or carriage returns outside these tags.

After installing I see an error message "Table 'sit.interfacestyles' doesn't exist"

If, after installing SiT v3.45, you see an error on the main login page that says the interfacestyles table doesn't exist it is likely you have hit bug 621 where setup.php doesn't create the database schema if the database already exists. To fix this simply revisit setup.php in your browser and setup will continue where it left off and create the schema.

After installing why do pages look bad? there is no theme or styling

Your $CONFIG['application_webpath'] Config file variable is probably incorrect.

configuring application_webpath in config.inc.php is not required if given in httd.conf for the variable DocumentRoot, if given in both places, pages dont load correctly and no theme or stylling will be seen

During setup I see SQL errors

If you see the message MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ENGINE=MyISAM it probably means you are using an older version of mysql that SiT doesn't support. You should upgrade to more recent mysql. Other common SQL messages during setup are usually caused by the mysql user account not having enough permissions to create the database schema.

I see messages like PHP Notice: Undefined variable

If you see PHP Notice messages you need to edit your php.ini file and set error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

How do I increase the attachment size?

The attachment size is limited by your php configuration. You should edit your php.ini file and set upload_max_filesize, you may also have to increase post_max_size. Please be aware that some browsers may have trouble uploading very large files and your PHP memory usage will increase as you allow larger files to be uploaded.

Note: You must restart the web server for the changes to take effect. (For Apache: sudo service apache2 restart)

How can I make the incident number start counting at 1001?

Assuming your incidents table is called 'sit_incidents' (it may be different depending on the db prefix you chose during installation) run the following SQL query:

ALTER TABLE `sit_incidents` AUTO_INCREMENT = 1001;

Important: Do not set this number to be the same or lower than any existing incident in your system or you will have problems.

My outgoing mail (SMTP) server requires authentication, how do I use it with SiT!?

SiT! doesn't support SMTP authentication, it uses the PHP mail() function and unfortunately since this doesn't currently support SMTP authentication, SiT! doesn't either.

The usual work-around for this is to install an SMTP server on the same machine that runs SiT! and use that to relay email to your server that requires authentication.


IMPORTANT The SiT database schema needs to be updated

The database schema has had some changes you should run setup.php again. i.e. http://your-site/setup.php


How can customers/contacts add/update incidents?

From v3.31 Customers can login to the customer portal and do this and more.

Can I configure inbound email?

Yes you can. See the Inbound email section in the documentation for help setting it up.

Why doesn't the 'jump to incident' feature work?

Your browser is blocking the popup window, you may not be seeing the warning because SiT redirects the page too. You should add the SiT URL to your list of sites for which you allow popups. This is worked-around in versions 3.35 and later.

Why don't I get a list of engineers to assign an incident to?

As of v3.35, incidents are automatically assigned based on a number of criteria such as work load and online status. To disable this method, navigate to SiT! -> Control Panel -> Configure on the menu, then change the 'Auto assign incidents' option on the 'Features' tab and 'Incidents' page. For version prior to 3.45, add $CONFIG['auto_assign_incidents'] = FALSE; to your Config file.

Why do I get a "Scheduler task CheckIncomingMail failed" message?

This message means the checking mail action is failing, probably because it's trying to download an attachment which is too large. You can either process this email manually or raise php's memory limit. After that you need to set the CheckIncomingMail task to active in the scheduler.

I see odd characters in my database

SiT! v3.30 and earlier did not configure character set for the MySQL database to support unicode characters, as a result anything other than a standard ASCII character may be displayed incorrectly. To correct for this problem and use extended characters with SiT you will need to change the collation of your SiT MySQL database, table and columns to 'UTF8'.

Can I authenticate users or contacts against Active Directory

Yes you can, see Configuring LDAP for instructions.

I added a contact but I cannot add an incident

You need to add a Contract that entitles the contact to receive support.

I added a contact, contract and site, but I cannot add an incident

You need to add a Vendor and a Product too. You can see how in the Tutorial, direct link to youtube here

My LDAP settings are all correct, but binding the account still tells me that it cannot

There has been some issues regarding using special characters in Windows Active Directory, where an error occurred when trying to bind account. If you get this error, try changing the password to alpha numeric only.

I've setup to receive mails, but I don't receive anything

Try looking through our Troubleshooting for emails.

How do I setup debug logging?

To configure SiT! to log error messages and debug information take a look at this page Debug Logging.

How can I automatically create a new incident from mail?

SiT! doesn't support that, but there is a plugin you can use Auto_create_with_tags_Plugin

Can one contact administer mutiple Sites?

No, but you can assign multiple contracts to the same contact. This might become a feature for a future version.

When clicking save in translations it complains that the TO field is empty

  • Error: Formfield to must not be empty

If you are running php 5.3.9 or above, there's a limitation on the amount of variables you may submit. Edit your php.ini file and add max_input_vars = 5000 to the end of the file.

Development/Getting involved

Can I translate SiT into another language?

Thanks! We'd love to see SiT translated into many languages. SiT comes with over twenty translations with various levels of completeness. We would definitely welcome your help in increasing the number of languages we support and also checking and expanding our existing translations. - see the Translation page for more info.

Can I help with SiT development

Yes! Of course, the best way to get started is to join us in the IRC Channel and ask. Or if you prefer a more direct approach, check out our Git repository and submit a patch or two - we'd love to have you join our team. See also our Development How To page which has some good information to help you get started.

I can't program or speak another language are there other ways I could help?

Yes, absolutely. We have a page listing many different ways that you can help out with SiT, or contact us and suggest something.

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