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The Support Incident Tracker developers are pleased to announce the immediate availability of v3.67, thanks to the dedicated hard work of our developers, translators and testers.

This release is a security fix release, all users are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately.

This is a Long Term Support edition, which means that we will be providing Technical Support and bug fixes for this release (as v3.68, v3.69... etc.) until around the time that v4.1 is released. Security fixes will be made available for longer than that - at least until v4.2 is released! We've decided to do this so that we can concentrate our main development efforts on exciting new features for 4.x without ignoring existing users who are currently using the 3.x versions of SiT! and to provide a stable upgrade path.

Please see our Roadmap to learn about our future release plans.


Bug fixes

  • 0001723: [security[ XSS vulnerability in setup script
  • 0001790: Dutch language (nl-NL) translation improved thanks to itpp2012
  • 0001795: Input was expected to be numeric but received string (Added in 3.67 p1)

Known Issues

See bugs logged against v3.67 in Mantis

  • You may see a message saying that this is a pre-release version, see here for a solution:
  • It's not possible to edit the text of the built-in notices using the Edit Template interface, these notices are translated into several languages so to change the text you will have to edit the relevant language file. See Translation for help with that.

All issues can be viewed in full at where XXX is the issue number.


In brief: unpack the archive into a folder on your web server and access http://hostname/folder/setup.php in your browser to run through the installation process. For more detailed instructions and system requirements see our manual page on Installation. Installation usually takes five to fifteen minutes (depending on experience).


The first step before upgrading any server software should be to make a full backup, go and do that now, check it and then come back and read the manual page on Upgrading. Upgrading usually takes ten to twenty minutes.


Thanks to everybody who has helped shape this release, including everybody that has submitted ideas or bug reports, helped to test during the development cycle and all those who submitted code and translations.

Getting Support Incident Tracker v3.67

Download.png 3.67 was released 18 August 2012 Download it here

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Alternatively, add our release announcements RSS Feed to your Feed reader.

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