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Translation and Localisation

We are actively seeking help with translation of SiT into as many languages as possible. If you think you can help, please get in touch.

This table shows the current status of translation of 1784 strings from the svn trunk (unreleased 3.6x branch SiT!) with links to the source files so that you can update your language files if you need to. Our current development branch (3.90 / Git) has 1956 strings.

If translating both the 3.x branch and 4.x please take notice that these have different strings, and therefore it's not a good idea just to copy from one version to the other. A diff should be made instead. If you are in doubt, feel free to ask in the forum or on IRC.

Translation status for 3.x
Language Language Name File / Code Completion (3.6x) Completion (4.x) Translator(s)
English English British Current en-GB (v3.6x)
SiT Native Language
Español (Colombia) Spanish / Colombian Current es-CO (v3.6x)
Josue Rojas, Andres Felipe Manzano Chate
English US English US Current en-US (v3.6x)
Ivan Lucas
Dansk Danish Current da-DK (v3.6x)
Carsten Jensen
Français French Current fr-FR (v3.6x)
Gabriel Riam, Pauline du Toit, Gilles Grenier, Yves-Pierre Senn, Dominique Périsset & Guillaume Clement, Nicolas Leclerc
Cymraeg Welsh Current cy-GB (v3.6x)
Peter Hughes, Jeff Stone
Español (Mexicano) Spanish / Mexico Current es-MX (v3.6x)
Jordi Rosquillas Tovilla, Josías Galván Reyes
Deutsch German Current de-DE (v3.6x)
Patrick Liebhardt, Raffael Luthiger, Marco Grundmann, Gabriele Pohl
Português Portuguese / Portugal Current pt-PT (v3.6x)
José Tomás & Luís Rodrigues
Русский Russian Current ru-RU (v3.6x)
Nikolay Parukhin, Anton Gultyaev & Алексей Назаров
Español Spanish Current es-ES (v3.6x)
Mario Dejo & Carlos Perez & Joaquin Llano
Norsk Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål Current nb-NO (v3.6x)
Jeff Stone
Nederlands Dutch Current nl-NL (v3.6x)
Ed Kolman, Hendrie Bosch & Arko Kroonen
български Bulgarian Current bg-BG (v3.6x)
Yassen Gorbounov
Polski Polish Current pl-PL (v3.6x)
Tom Kapelko & Urszula Gola
فارسی Persian/Farsi (Iran) Current fa-IR (v3.6x)
Mahdi Heidari
Português brasileiro Brazilian Portuguese Current pt-BR (v3.6x)
Bruno Renan, Fernando Suzarte Schiavon
Italiano Italian Current it-IT (v3.6x)
Luca Bartolini & Silvio Bogetto
Română Romanian Current ro-RO (v3.6x)
Adrian Cristinici
Suomalainen Finnish Current fi-FI (v3.6x)
Jani Hautanen
Ελληνικά Greek Current el-GR (v3.6x)
salaxi54 aka Vasilios Karageorgis
Slovenščina Slovenian Current sl-SL (v3.6x)
Alen Grižonič - Help Wanted
简体中文 Simple Chinese Current zh-CN (v3.6x)
army - Help Wanted
繁體中文 Traditional Chinese Current zh-TW (v3.6x)
army - Help Wanted
Català Catalan Current ca-ES (v3.6x)
Jeff Stone - Help Wanted
日本語 Japanese Current ja-JP (v3.6x)
Eliza Galang - Help Wanted
العربية Arabic Current ar (v3.6x)
Hamada Caspy
Lietuvių Lithuanian Current lt-LT (v3.6x)
Valdemaras Pipiras
Afrikaans Afrikaans Current af (v3.6x)
Nico du Toit
Svenska Swedish Current sv-SE (v3.6x)
George Bredberg
Český Czech Current cs-CZ (v3.6x)
Help Wanted
Español (Argentina) Spanish / Argentina es-AR Not started Help Wanted
Norsk Nynorsk Norwegian Nynorsk nn-NO Not started Help Wanted

Help is needed translating to any and every language including: العربية, български, বাংলা, Český, Català, Eesti, Euskara, فارسی, Suomi, føroyskt, עִבְרִית, Hrvatski, Magyar, Bahasa Indonesia, Íslenska, ქართული, 한국어, بهاس ملايو, Nederlands, Polski, Română, Slovenščina, Slovenčina, Српски, Svenska, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe, Украї́нська мо́ва and more!

Please note that these percentages show the unreleased version which may have more strings that need translating than the released version, the numbers will go up as more strings are translated, but may also go down as more English strings are made internationalised and need translation.

How to Translate SiT

  1. (Optional) Download the latest en-GB English language file (see above)
  2. Preferred method: Go to Help->Translate and follow the instructions on-screen (Requires v3.31 or later) or Make a copy of the file and edit it in a text editor (Your text editor should support UTF-8 encoding)
  3. v3.35 and later have context-helptips (little [?] links with popup help), these can be translated by copying the files in /help/en-GB to help/xx-XX/ (where xx-XX is your language code) and editing them to provide your local language translation
  4. Your language file shouldn't contain any english language strings, unless the phrase is the same in your language as it is in the original english
  5. When you're done save the file(s) and submit/attach it to a bug report or email to Ivan Lucas (ivan[at]sitracker[dot]org) - if you plan to continue updating your translation you can join us and have svn commit access.

Incomplete or partial translations are just as welcome as full translations (every little helps!) and suggestions of improvements to existing translations are also welcome.

Bug.png A bug has been reported that affects this functionality: Translation page should be paginated

Translating Documentation

See Translate wiki

  1. We're now using this wiki as our main source of documentation
  2. Edit a page in this wiki called Documentation/XX where XX is the first part of your language code, (e.g. EN for english, FR for French), (or click on a link in the language bar at the bottom of the page) you can create the page if it doesn't already exist
  3. Any extra pages you create in your language should use /XX as a page name suffix
  4. Put the text "[[Category:XX]]" (where, again, XX is the first part of your language code) at the bottom of your page, to add it to a category for your language
  5. Add the template {{Languages}} to the bottom of your new page to add a language bar.

As a translator you may find this Glossary page helpful, it lists words that we use in SiT and what we mean by them.

Incomplete or partial translations are just as welcome as full translations (every little helps!) and suggestions of improvements to existing translations are also welcome.

Translation Forum

If you would like help with translating SiT! or would like to discuss any topic relating to translating SiT! into various languages we now have a dedicated translators forum for this purpose.

See Also

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