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We hope that SiT! will meet all of your needs, but of course we can't please everybody. This page lists FLOSS (Free, Libre and Open Source Software) alternatives to Support Incident Tracker (SiT!)

Support Tracking Software
Software Description Type License
OTRS OTRS is an Open source Ticket Request System (also well known as trouble ticket system) with many features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. The system is built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. department to react quickly to inbound inquiries. Perl AGPL3
IRM IRM, the Information Resource Manager, is a powerful web-based asset tracking and trouble ticket system built for IT departments and HelpDesks. It keeps detailed information about each computer, as well as providing a trouble ticket system, an FAQ system, and a Knowledgebase. All elements are interwoven into a seamless web application. PHP GPL
Eventum Eventum is a user-friendly and flexible issue tracking system that can be used by a support department to track incoming technical support requests, or by a software development team to quickly organize tasks and bugs. PHP GPL
Helpdesk Issue Manager An open source project to create a robust and generic helpdesk management system for all kinds of helpdesks. PHP GPL
aTicket The aTicket project delivers a true open source ticket system to help manage support services. it is based on earlier open source projects known as eTicket and osTicket. PHP GPL
Suptrac Designed for small to medium computer service companies that need to manage customer support requests, hardware and billing. Supports multiple service PHP GPL
GLPI IT and Asset management software with tracking and reporting PHP GPL
SAMOS SAMOS HelpDesk was originally created as a very small and easy HelpDesk solution for small workgroups. PHP GPL
JTrac A generic issue-tracking web-application that can be easily customized by adding custom fields and drop-downs Java Apache License v2
Redmine Redmine is an issue tracking system based on Ruby on Rails. It is also available as a hosted service at Planio Ruby GPL

Feel free to edit this page and add to this list if you know of a project that isn't listed, but please restrict the list to support tracking systems that are Free Software/Open source.

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