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Auto create with tags Plugin
Flowchart Plugin autocreate tags AB.png
Current version v2.01
Maintainer Nicolaas du Toit
Download Download Download
Release status stable
This plugin is stable and ready for use on your production system.



Important notes:

  • As of this version you are no longer required to edit "inboundemail.php"
  • The minimum requirement for this plugin is to run SiT! version 3.65LTS or later.
  • If you have problems, remember to enable Debug, so we have some information to help troubleshoot any issues!!

New in version 2.01

  • Minor fix cleaning up tags

New in version 2.0

  • Updated to use new clean_int() function
  • Tidied code
  • Changed function to search for duplicates
  • Improved debug code
  • No longer required to modify inboundemail.php
  • You are strongly advised to upgrade SiT! to version 3.65 due to security fixes.

About the plugin

The plugin attempts to "guess" the skill in the email subject, and then tries to "automatically create" the incident, and "auto assign" it. The "guessing" is done by trying to match tags, that are set by the administrator for each skill, in the subject of the email


  • Go to svn here:Download.
  • Save the files to your /plugins folder.
  • The structure should be:
  • Install the plugin in SiT, go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration
    • Locate Load Plugins in the bottom of the screen, and add auto_create_tags to the comma separated list.
  • In your SiT installation go to : SiT | Customers | Maintenance| Products and skills| List skills.
  • Edit each skill and add some tags that are relative to the words customers use in their email subjects. For e.g. if the skill is called "Ferrari" then a tag to the skill called "ferrari" or "F40" etc.


The configuration of the plugin can be found here Configuration.

Bugs and Testing

For testing i have uploaded a simple PHP file which can help you to test some functions of the plugin. The file is called Test_search.php and can be found in the same folder as the plugin. Put this file in your SiT root directory (/yourSiTdirectory/) and run it directly, like /MySiTSite/Test_search.php. Put an email address in and a test subject and click Search. The page uses the same functions as the plugin.

Test.png If you find any bugs, or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the plugin, please go to Incubator bug tracker.

On the project dropdown box (top right), select "incubator"

It is advisable to also read the bug page Bugs.


For a better understanding of the way this plugin works below is a flowchart

Flowchart Plugin autocreate tags AB.png

Important Note!: Plugin is now running on a production machine

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