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Reporting Bugs

Please don't be shy about reporting bugs you find in SiT!, if we don't know about the problem nobody can fix it. If you're really not sure whether what you've found is a bug, you can discuss it with us first.

View / Report Bugs

When reporting bugs, please search the bug tracker first to make sure your bug hasn't already been reported (and perhaps fixed!) and make sure you specify the version number that you are running. You can view the version number in the status bar at the bottom of most SiT pages.

A guide to bug severity

  • block - Prevents the application being used completely, may cause loss of critical data, or prevents development progress
  • crash - Crashes the application or may cause loss of non-critical data
  • major - An important feature that is severely limited, and which has no work around
  • minor - A minor but irritating bug that may prevent a feature being used as intended but does not preclude its use completely
  • tweak - A nitpick, impacts on user-perception of the application but does not necessarily impact it's features
  • text - An error in the text, (e.g. bad wording or incorrect translation) that does not prevent the feature being used
  • trivial - The least significant bug which is rare and causes no data loss or major loss of time. A minor cosmetic or consistency issue.
  • feature - Requesting new feature or a change to the original design of SiT!

How to Sponsor a bug

  • Register with Mantis (make sure you are registered and your email is valid)
  • Login
  • Visit the issue you want to sponsor
  • Go to the "Users sponsoring this issue" section.
  • Type in your sponsorship amount in the currency specified.
  • Click Sponsor (note that there will be no confirmation).

How to change my sponsorship amount

Follow the same steps as in sponsoring an issue, the new value you will enter will overwrite your old sponsorship. Changes to sponsorship amounts should typically be done to either increase the sponsorship or fix an error as soon as the sponsorship is made.

How to cancel my sponsorship

Change the sponsorship amount to 0. See "How to change my sponsorship amount". A sponsorship should be removed if an issue is not started, or if a sponsorship was done by mistake.

When do I have to pay?

For small amounts, the developer may require the payment after the feature is committed to source control. However, for large tasks a down payment may be required which is typically 50%. The developer will let you know when to pay.

How do I make the payment?

We use paypal to accept donations, click on the 'PayPal Donate' button on our homepage to make a payment, please add a note to say which bug you are sponsoring. Thanks.

Why should I sponsor issues?

Sponsoring issues is a way to speed up the implementation of the feature or the fix you are requesting, specially in the case where it is not on the priority list of the developers. It also provides some way to express appreciation to the work done by the development team.

Do sponsored issues always get implemented?

An issue will be implemented only if it makes sense and it is compatible with the direction of the project. If an issue is not generic enough, or will not be accepted by SiT! users, then it won't be implemented even if it was sponsored. The other option is to pay for a consulting job which typically costs more than normal issue sponsorships.

I'm a developer, how do I get paid to fix a bug?

If you work on and resolve an Issue that has been sponsored you can send an email to Ivan to claim a pay-back. You can claim all or a percentage of the original sponsorship amount (with any remaining amount being a donation to the SiT! project). Of course you can only be paid after the original sponsor pays up and that might not always happen immediately and sometimes not at all. Claims must be made no later than 60 days after the date the Issue was marked resolved. Late claims will not be accepted. Payment will be made via PayPal unless specifically arranged in advance with Ivan. If more than one developer works to fix a bug the developers must agree between themselves who is to receive the pay-back. Payments are not guaranteed and this offer may be withdrawn at any time, the Project Leaders decision is final.

Reporting Anonymously

We don't currently allow the anonymous reporting of bugs, sorry. You will need to sign up for a Mantis account (it's quick to do), this way we can contact you and ask questions about your report and we can also let you know when it's fixed.

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