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When you close an incident you are given the choice to mark the incident for closure or to close it immediately. If you choose to mark it for closure it will be closed after seven days. (Or after whatever period has been configured by the administrator)

You must select a closing status at this point, this can be used later to quickly see whether the query was answered etc. The options available are:

  • Sent Information
  • Solved Problem
  • Reported Bug
  • Action Taken
  • Duplicate
  • No Longer Relevant
  • Unsupported
  • Support Expired
  • Unsolved

Marking for closure

When you Mark for closure an incident is treated as closed for most purposes, it disappears from your active queue for example and SLA's are no longer calculated but the incident does remain open for a further 7 days and this gives the contact a chance to respond and highlight remaining unresolved issues. After the 7 days the Scheduler closes the incident automatically. The 7 day period is configurable to any length you like.

In the case of marking for closure the customer first receives an email to say that the incident will be closed after 7 days, and then eventually another email to say that the incident has been closed.

Bug.png A bug has been reported that affects this functionality: auto-reassign resets marked for closure time
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