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Contacts are customers, people that are associated with a site to which support is provided and individual contacts can be linked to a contract.

View contacts by selecting Customers | Contacts

If the portal is enabled contacts can log in to view, add and update incidents.


Admin Contact

An Admin Contact is a Contact who is responsible for administrating a Contract on behalf of a customer. Admin Contacts are configured on the Contract record.

Admin contacts are not automatically supported, if they require support they should be listed as a Named Contact or be covered by a contract that supports 'All contacts from this site'.

Adding Contacts

To add a new contact go to Customers | Contacts | New contact

On this page you'll be able to add a new contact, this contact is required to be bound to a site.

A different address from the site address can be provided, you may want to set this (for example) because the contact isn't located physically at the chosen site.

You can set any of the three data protection fields on the contact record to indicate that the person does not want to be contacted by email, letter or phone.

Named Contacts

A Named Contact is a contact who is entitled to receive support by virtue of being associated with a contract.

If a contact is added to a contract, this person is a Named Contact.

To add a contact as a Named Contact, go to Site | Contracts | Browse Contracts and select a contract ID. Click on New Named Contact

Info.png Info: In SiT! version prior to v3.90 Named Contacts are referred to as Contacts associated with a contract.

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