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Before you can add an incident on behalf of a contact there must first be an agreement in place to provide such support, these agreements are referred to within SiT as 'contracts'.

To add a new contract select Customers | Maintenance | New Contract and fill in the details on the form. Admin Contacts are not supported contacts, you must add supported contacts separately. Each contract holds information about the agreement such as the product supported, the service level, the number of supported contacts allowed, the number of incidents included with the contract and the expiration date.


Service Periods

Each contract is given a 'Service Period' which consists of a start and end date during which the contract will provide an entitlement to Support for the supported contacts.

Listing Supported Contacts

To be useful each contract must have at least one contact associated with it. To add a contact simply follow the link Add a support contact to this contract on the contract details page. These supported contacts are the only people who can log incidents.

It is possible to add a contact from another site as a supported contract.

Supporting all contacts from a site

You can set a contract to allow all the contacts from the associated site to be supported, if you do this then all the contacts that are currently associated with the site along with any future contacts that may be added will all be supported.

Available Balance

Shows the amount available on the contract, which is adjusted as units are used

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