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A custom theme for SiT!


SiT themes are defined by a record in the 'interfacestyles' database table. The theme record consists of the following columns:

  • id - An ID number used internally to refer to the theme, if you are creating a theme for your own use you should use an ID number > 1000
  • name - A name for the theme, presented to the user so he/she can select the theme they want to use
  • cssurl - Actually not a URL but a filename of a .css file inside the styles/ subdirectory
  • iconset - The name of an icon set to use, icon sets are stored in the images/icons subdirectory and currently there are three to choose from, sit, oxygen and kdeclassic.
  • headerhtml - Currently unused.

There is currently no interface for adding records to this table or for editing existing records, we suggest you phpMyAdmin for now.

Bug.png A bug has been reported that affects this functionality: Interface to add/edit themes

Style Sheets

SiT always loads a style sheet called styles/sitbase.css, as the name suggests this file contains a list of base styles that define the look and feel of SiT. There should be no need to edit this file, and doing so is discouraged since any changes will be overwritten at the next upgrade. The intention is that custom themes will reside in their own css file and override the definitions in sitbase.

For example the theme 'Cool Blue' is contained the file styles/sit_ph.css and contains some css that change the look and feel of SiT from the defaults provided by sitbase.

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