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Dashboard links
Links v1.03.png
Current version v1.04
Maintainer Nico du Toit & Carsten Jensen
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Release status stable
This plugin is stable and ready for use on your production system.


dashboard_links plugin

This dashlet adds a personal configurable links block to the dashboard

Links v1.03.png


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  • Download the dashboard_links plugin from here, right click and choose save as
  • copy the dashboard_links.php file to your plugins directory eg /var/www/plugins
  • Install the dashlet from SiT | Control Panel | Manage Dashboard components, click install and click on the dashboard_links, and click install again.
  • Add the dashlet to your dashboard by clicking the little icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard


  • In the upper right corner of the dashlet, you can click edit, here you can manage your links, by deleting, deactivating, editing and adding new ones.
    • Link = The URL, don't forget the protocol like ftp://, http://, file://
    • Link Title = A friendly name for the URL


There are a few strings in the top of the dashlet file, just replace the english text with your own native language. Unfortunately SiT cannot use external i18n files yet.

Known bugs

  • No i18n files, so only one language is possible
  • When deleting a link that have been added twice, both links will be deleted, when clicking delete for one of the links in the example, both will be deleted:
    • http://sourceforge.net
    • http://sourceforge.net
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