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Current version v1.40
Maintainer Nicolaas du Toit
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Release status stable
This plugin is stable and ready for use on your production system.


About the Dashlet

New in version 1.40

- Added bar graphs to show the % SLA that has passed - Added incidents for the user's group as well - checking for an email response is now better (actual) - Changed the order of the tables

For the next release

- Improve the ability to specify which updates are considered as "valid" responses (today only an email to the customer counts) - Improve i18n


This dashlet shows 3 tables in the dashlet (in the following order:

  • No response
    • Shows incidents without any response for the current user (Remember for the moment we only consider an email to a customer a real response!)
    • Shows also incidents for the user's group
  • Put on hold
    • Shows incidents that have been put on hold until a later date/time with the Next action function
  • Recently updated (** Updated by the user, thus ignoring 'system updates')
    • Shows incidents that have been updated in the last 8 hours


  1. Copy the file dashboard_my_incidents to your plugins folder
  2. Log in as admin and go to SiT! -> Control Panel -> Manage dashboard components
  3. Click Install
  4. Select dashboard_my_incidents and click Install

The Dashlet will now be available to add by the users


My incidents new5.png

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