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This page documents plans for the SiT code and database layout for v3.4x and beyond...

We should try and avoid having a mess of files included from various locations. For example I would like to tidy up the dashboard components (dashlets) so they are a single file per dashlet.

This is a work-in-progress, not a final plan

Directory structure - attachments - conf - DEBIAN - doc - htdocs - contacts - incidents - index.php = List of incidents / queue - view.php = View a single incident - close.php = Close an incident - add.php = Create an incident - tasks - index.php = List of tasks - modify.php = Add/Edit - delete.php - help - portal - resources - images - scripts - styles - reports - includes - libl;oc - plugins - tools

We should try and use ENUM in the database schema where that is appropriate.

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