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With the Feedback feature of SiT! you can get information from your customers about how well you are handling their support incidents.

You can create a custom feedback survey form that can be sent to customers as incidents are closed, and then you can report on the results.


Enabling/Disabling Feedback

An administrator can disable or enable the Feedback feature by going to SiT! | Control Panel | Configure then Features | Feedback and setting Feedback Enabled to TRUE to enable or FALSE to disable.

Please note that this only enables or disables the feature, enabling feedback here doesn't automatically mean that feedback will be collected, it must be further configured first.

Feedback is disabled until Feedback Enabled is set to TRUE and also that the ID of a feedback form has been entered e.g. "1".

Creating a Feedback form

Before you can use the feedback feature you need at least one feedback form (note: only a single feedback form can be used at any time). To create a feedback form an administrator should go to SiT! | Control Panel | Feedback Forms | Add Feedback Form.

  1. Fill in a name and description for your form, these are for your own reference only
  2. Add some text to use as an introduction to the feedback form, this text will be shown at the top of the form before any questions are displayed
  3. Add some text to use as closing thanks, this text will be shown at the bottom of the form after your questions are displayed
  4. Now save the form
  5. Click Add to add your first question
    1. Enter the Question number (e.g. 1 for the first question)
    2. Enter some text to describe the question
    3. Enter the question text (For example: "The time taken to resolve the incident met or exceeded my expectations")
    4. Select a question type (The default is 'Rating', which would be fine for our example)
    5. If the question type needs extra options (See below) enter them one per line
    6. Check the box if your question is 'Required' (that is if you want to force the user to answer it)
    7. Save your new question
  6. Continue to add as many questions as you need, remember that the longer you make your survey the less likely people will find time to fill it in.

Feedback Question Types

  • Rating: accepts score between 1 and {$CONFIG['feedback_max_score']}, label low and high (one per line) below
  • Options: accepts one of the values listed below (one per line)
  • Multiple Options: accepts multiple values as isted below (one per line)
  • Text: accepts free-text, enter columns and rows (one per line) to accept below

How it works

When Feedback is enabled, and you've selected one or more forms;

A mail is sent to a contact when an incident is closed, the mail contains a link to a page dedicated to this contact only. The contact then fills out the form, and it is stored to be viewed using e.g. the reports pages as statistics.

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