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[15:54] <ericthefish> I meant to do a page for that, it's making feedback work with the portal and to show an engineer his own stats


Feedback Ideas for 4.0

  • Engineer should see own stats (see above)
  • better design
  • 0000950: [feedback] Allow summary of Feedback text and export to CSV - acknowledged.
  • 0001396: [feedback] Feedback form HTML broken - confirmed.
  • 0001254: [feedback] Listing of feature requests for the Feedback overhaul - confirmed.
  • 0001188: [feedback] Browse feedback does not show any info on options of type "options" - confirmed.
  • 0001195: [feedback] Ability to opt out of feedback forms - confirmed.
  • 0000608: [feedback] Add and edit feedback different appearance - confirmed.
  • 0000945: [feedback] Feedbacks should be enabled pr site. - confirmed.
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