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A timed task that is related to an incident

Admin Contact

A person who is the administrative point of contact for a contract


A person who can receive support, according to his/her entitlement (see Contract) A person who submits or reports an incident and acts as the communications point when dealing with the engineer.


A contract defines entitlement to support for site and contacts. Also sometimes referred to as 'Maintenance'


The contact or site we are providing support to.


The main screen of SiT that can contain dashlets.


A dashboard component, a 'widget'.

Data protection

Data protection is to remove the chosen field that has been set for data protection from the detailed listing.


To decrease the importance of an incident.

End of life

When a skill has reached the end of it's Lifetime it is marked End-of-life, which means it is no longer fully supported.


The Support Technician / user who is to provide support.


To increase the importance of an incident with the aim of getting it resolved faster.

Escalation Path

A configured method of Escalating an incident.


A rating and response from the customer about how the incident was handled


Incident is the name we use for what may also be referred to as a 'support call'. 'service request' or 'helpdesk ticket'.

Knowledge Base

A database of articles categorised by Skill


Another word for contract


Urgency or importance. Usually determined by looking at the impact the issue has on the customer. e.g. Low priority would be little impact, critical priority would be maximum impact


A group of skills. E.g. Linux Support


A label to indicate which organisation sold or provided the Contract


A special type of SLA target

Sales person

A user who is linked to a site and can filter the list of sites to view only sites linked to him/herself.

Service Level / SLA

A service level or service level agreement (SLA) is a record that defines target times for various incident stages


An organisation that can receive support, a collection of contacts


An item that is supported. E.g. Debian Linux.


A User that takes the place of a user when he/she is unavailable. A replacement.

Supported Contact

A contact who is linked to a contract and is therefore entitled to support


A personal to-do list item


An event. E.g. Someone creates an incident

Trigger Action

Something that happens in response to a trigger (if the trigger rules allow it). E.g. An email is sent to the customer

Trigger Rule

A criteria which defines whether a trigger action should happen in response to a trigger.


An engineer or technican, an account within SiT! for a person who provides support. In contrast to the 'contact', who submits or reports incidents and has only access to the simple interface "SiT! Portal", the 'users' use SiT! with full functionality of the SiT! GUI


Products can be grouped by vendor. It's intended to mean 'Supplier' or 'Provider' of the product, but it can be used as a more general category if preferred.

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