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Installing SiT! on a Windows Server with WAMP

The SiT developers prefer to recommend Linux or *BSD as a platform, it's easier to set up SiT with these platforms and we think it performs better. However, SiT is known to work with Windows and many people are running it successfully.

Installing WAMP

Microsoft IIS is not required. The simplest way to get a good platform to run SiT on in Windows is to install a pre-packaged Apache/MySQL/PHP bundle, such as WAMP. (To our knowledge nobody is running SiT in production on IIS yet, if you have, we would like to hear from you!)

  1. Download WampServer from
  2. Install and fill in the details (Standard questions – note where you installed it ...normally C:\WAMP)
    1. Note: The PHP mail parameters you fill in during WAMP installation are important, you must get this right if you want to be able to send email from SiT!
  3. Go into Control Panel | Admin Tools | Services and look for wampapache and wampmysqld and set both to Automatic start. This is so they can start when Windows starts.
  4. Click on the WAMP icon in the taskbar and then select phpMyAdmin.
    1. Click on Privileges tab, then click Add
    2. Make the username 'sit', invent a password and remember it
    3. Check 'Create a database with the same name and grant all privileges' under 'Database for user'
    4. Leave all other settings at their defaults and click 'Go'


Next we need to get a copy of SiT and extract it to the right place on the disk.

  1. Download SiT! (Grab the most recent stable version)
  2. Extract the file to C:\WAMP\WWW\sit (This will be your web root dir)
  3. Click on WAMP Icon (in the system tray) | PHP | Php.ini
    1. Find the line that says error_reporting = E_ALL and place a semi-colon in the first column, so make it ;error_reporting = ALL
    2. then remove the semi colon from the line ;error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE to make it error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
  4. Click on WAMP Icon | Restart All Services
  5. Check to ensure that WAMP is working and back online. Icon should be white. (You may need to select “Put Online”)

Installing SiT

Now that the web server, php and the database server are all set up we can now go ahead and install SiT.

Follow the Installation instructions to complete the installation.

I hope this has helped anyone who is interested but confused as to how to install it. I recommended joining the forum as most questions have already been answered.

Info.png Info: The original version of these instructions was by Jeff Stone
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