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Incident for contact Plugin
Current version v1.02
Maintainer Kieran Hogg
Download Download Download
Release status experimental
This plugin is experimental, it may do bad things to your system or refuse to work.

About the plugin

This plugin creates an incident for a contact when a new contact is created.


  • Copy the file incident_for_contact.php to your /plugins folder.
  • Enable the plugin in: SiT | Control Panel | Configuration
    • Locate Load Plugins in the bottom of the screen, and add incident_for_contact to the comma separated list
  • Visit the About page, Help -> About
  • Open incident_for_contact.php in a text editor and delete the lines between the BEGIN DELETE and END DELETE lines


Go to SiT! | Control Panel | Configuring | Plugins | incident_for_contact to set the Product and Skill the incident should be logged under. The default is to log under product 1 and skill 1.

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