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Incident summary
I summary1.gif
Current version v1.05
Maintainer Nicolaas du Toit
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Release status experimental
This plugin is experimental, it may do bad things to your system or refuse to work.


Incident summary plugin

*NOTE* - This plugin has been tested on a Win environment with Firefox/Chrome and IE6/7. Feel welcome to try it and give us your feedback

In the incident details page

This plugin adds a floating "[+]Summary" link to the incident details page.

I summary2.gif

When the link is "clicked", it expands to a text block, where Summary notes can be added, and saved (by an "Update" button).

I summary1.gif

In the incident close page

This summary is saved in a new table in the database, and when the incident is closed, this summary is added to the closing form under the title "Summary".

I summary3.gif

Released version 1.05

  • Compatible with Chrome, FF and IE 6/7

Future releases

  • Add a "Hotkey" function to make the window appear when the key combination is pressed.

About the plugin

The idea for the plugin came about when some users were asking for a way to summarise / or annotate long incidents (large amounts of updates), and also to leave a summary before going on holiday / Leave. This way someone else could read the summary and get up to date quickly without losing time reading long, numerous updates.


  • Download the plugin with the link on this page (top right)
  • Save the file to your /plugins folder.
  • The structure should be:
  • Install the plugin in SiT, go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration
    • Locate Load Plugins in the bottom of the screen, and add incident_summary to the comma separated list.

In incident_details.php

  • In the file "incident_details.php" add the following line at line 367:

plugin_do('incident_details_summary', array('incidentid' => $incidentid));

Idetails change.gif

In incident_close.php

  • In the file "incident_close.php" , ad the following line of code just before line 207
plugin_do('incident_close_summary', array('incidentid' => $id));
Iclose changes2.gif


In your SiT installation go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration | Plugins | incident_summary

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