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SiT IRC Channel for Live Chat

If you are interested in SiT Development, need some help, or want to discuss any aspect of the application you can chat to other users and developers in real-time in our official IRC channel:

#sit on freenode

Don't be afraid to say hello, we're a friendly bunch. The channel now has a public log and some statistics at

If you arrive in the channel when nobody is around or when nobody is chatting right now, please do stay around a while it may sometimes take us a long time to respond. The channel is busiest between 10:00 and 17:00 UTC most days.

Sometimes we are busy and don't look at IRC, it can help if you mention the nick of a person, this may make the persons IRC client flash and get their attention, this only works if the full nick is typed, using part of the nick won't work.

Say Hello

As stated on this homepage the universal greeting time is always morning when you enter the channel, and always late night when you leave.

About Freenode

Freenode is a service of Peer-Directed Projects Center, a non-profit organization. Freenode hosts the SiT IRC channel, along with hundreds of other channels and is the main IRC infrastructure for opensource development projects.

Web based IRC

If you don't have an IRC client installed, you can use the web chat client at or the java web client at

SiT IRC Rules

Please observe the few rules below (Yes, we need these, no one is exempt):

  1. Be polite - no foul language will be tolerated.
  2. Respect the users in the chat
  3. Ask questions - if you are unsure about anything related to IRC, we will assist you to the best of our abilities. :)
  4. Sending unsolicited Private Messages, (chatting back channel) is NOT allowed.
  5. If you think you were treated unfairly, send an e-mail to ericthefish <ivan [at] sitracker [dot] org> (Note: We will at least need the Nick of the person whom you wish to log a complaint against.)
  6. Personal bots are not allowed. Any unauthorised bot will be kicked.
  7. Don't flood the channel - use a paste service such as
  8. Cloning, i.e. more than one client logged in from the same address, is discouraged.

English is the official language of the channel, please use English wherever you can. Although there may be people in the channel that speak other languages more people will understand you if you speak English. Thanks.


Our group is now registered with freenode so we can offer project affiliation cloaks. These are available to everybody, just ask. See this faq and this one on freenode and make sure you meet the requirements and then ask in the #sit channel or email Ivan.

Examples: (assuming your nick is bunny)

  • bunny@sit/hacker/bunny
  • bunny@sit/translator/bunny
  • bunny@sit/contributor/bunny
  • bunny@sit/user/bunny

New to IRC? Need help?

See for lots more info about using IRC.

The people

To make it easier for new people to recognize who is whom

The SiT core staff


  • ChanServ - freenode net bot
  • Sitbot - all around bot telling of news in forum, wiki and blog etc
  • CIA* - bot telling about code updates in svn/git

Contributors and hangarounds

See Also

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