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Plugin Reporting
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Current version v1.02
Maintainer Nicolaas du Toit
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Release status experimental
This plugin is experimental, it may do bad things to your system or refuse to work.


Plugin Reporting

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About the plugin

This plugin is a collection of reports in a common interface. The plugin was conceived due to a need for detailed reporting on incidents / users / and contacts, for Quality purposes. The plugin aims to be just as expandable as SiT! itsself, as more 'reports' can be added without changing the plugin's base code.

The Listpage scans the /plugins/plugin_reporting/ directory for correctly names reports and will include them in the list.

Plugin reporting2.png

Reports included

  • Incidents average duration
Average duration.png

  • Incidents average first response
  • Incidents Average response time
  • Response time for specific incindent
  • Statistics by Tagname
  • Report by Product
  • Report for feedback


  • Download the plugin with the link on this page (top right)
  • Save the file to your /plugins folder.
  • The structure should be:
  • Install the plugin in SiT, go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration
    • Locate Load Plugins in the bottom of the screen, and add plugin_reporting to the comma separated list.


In your SiT installation go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration | Plugins | plugin_reporting

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