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Unread incidents
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Current version v1.02
Maintainer Nicolaas du Toit
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Release status experimental
This plugin is experimental, it may do bad things to your system or refuse to work.

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Plugin unread incidents

This plugin works together with the Dashlet Dashboard Engineer, and adds the ability to mark incidents in the dashlet as Unread much like we do in a mail client. Once the incident is open and viewed for about 10 seconds it is marked as Read and the word Unread does not appear next to the incident title anymore.

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How incidents are marked as Unread

  • When an incident changes status to Active either from an incoming email, or by being re-opened, it's status is changed to Unread.
    • When the incident is opened to view it, a timer (in Javascript) will start and after 10 seconds, and if the current users is the "owner" or "temp owner" of the incident, the status is changed Read by an Ajax call.

First version 1.02

  • Fixed bug, where we sometimes incorrectly used the 'updateid' instead of the 'incidentid' to make the entry into the database.
  • Added feature: The status only changes if it is the incident 'owner' or 'temp owner' that is viewing the incident.

Future versions

  • Open to suggestions


  • Download the plugin with the link on this page (top right)
  • Save the file to your /plugins folder.
  • The structure should be:
  • Install the plugin in SiT, go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration
    • Locate Load Plugins in the bottom of the screen, and add plugin_unread_incidents to the comma separated list.

Changes are required to:

  • inboundemail.php - plugin_do() to update the status when a new email changes the incident to active.
  • move_update.php - plugin_do() to update the status when an update in the holding queue is assigned to an existing incident
  • - plugin_do() to update the status when an incident is re-opened


In your SiT installation go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration | Plugins | plugin_unread_incidents

Set the time limits for the bar-graph for different priority incidents

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