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Incidents list in the portal

The portal is a separate interface to SiT for contacts to manage their details and their Incidents. The portal shares a login screen with the standard SiT interface but to login to the portal you need a contact record instead of the usual user account.

Info.png Info: The portal can be enabled or disabled completely using the $CONFIG['portal'] configuration variable

Creating a portal user

Add a Contact, remember to tick the box "[ ] Email contact login details?".

Logging in to the portal

To log in to the portal you need a contact record with a username and password. You cannot login to the portal using your SiT user account.


Portal users (Contacts) can add, view and update their own incidents by logging into the portal. They can also view and update incidents created by their colleagues from the same site (Unless the config variable $CONFIG['portal_site_incidents'] is set to FALSE).

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