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Diagram showing the relationships between vendors, products, skills, contracts, contacts and sites

In order to simplify supporting a large number of different items (e.g. software applications) SiT! has the concept of 'Products', products can be thought of as groups of skills. For example, you may support three software applications, 'Debian GNU/Linux', 'SUSE Linux' and 'Mandriva Linux' but want to offer support for all three as one product called 'Linux'.


Listing Products

List of products

To list existing products and the software associated with them go to Customers | Maintenance | Products & Skills | List Products.

This page shows a listing of all products. The pages is categorized into vendors which has the table of products beneath the vendor name.

  • Product = Name of the Product, some examples are Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro
  • Description = Is a description of each product
  • Linked skills = shows how many skills are linked to this product, some examples are Installation, General usage
  • Active contracts = Shows if there are any active contracts linked to this product, clicking on the number displays a listing of which contracts are linked.
  • Operation = Here you can edit or delete the chosen product

Adding Products

To add a product go to Customers | Maintenance | Products & Skills | Add Product, select a vendor enter a product name a description then click Add Product. Then to link skills to that, go to Customers | Maintenance | Products & Skills | Link Products/Skills.

Removing Products

A product cannot be removed if it is linked to skills or contracts. To remove a product go to go to Customers | Maintenance | Products & Skills | List Products and select the appropriate Delete link.


Products can also be grouped by vendor, you can add vendors by going to Customers | Maintenance | Products & Skills | Add Vendor.

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