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The Support Incident Tracker developers are pleased to announce the immediate availability of v3.63, thanks to the dedicated hard work of our developers, translators and testers.

This release has many bug fixes and small improvements and it's key focus is stability.

This is a Long Term Support edition, which means that we will be providing Technical Support and bug fixes for this release (as v3.64, v3.65... etc.) until around the time that v4.1 is released. Security fixes will be made available for longer than that - at least until v4.2 is released! We've decided to do this so that we can concentrate our main development efforts on exciting new features for 4.x without ignoring existing users who are currently using the 3.x versions of SiT! and to provide a stable upgrade path.



A patch to v3.63 has been released (3.63p1) as rather visible bug (Mantis 1491) crept in at the last minute. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused to those that upgraded before this was spotted.

Please see our Roadmap to learn about our future release plans.


  • Many minor and not so minor bug fixes
  • Fixed some security vulnerabilities (SA43612) discovered by Autosec Tools and also some found by Knud Erik Højgård from nSense
  • New Persian/Farsi (fa-IR) translation (90%) by Mahdi Heidari
  • New Polish (pl-PL) translation (90%) by Tom Kapelko & Urszula Gola
  • Updated German (de-DE) translation (100%) by Gabriele Pohl & Raffael Luthiger
  • Updated Russian (ru-RU) translation (100%) by Алексей Назаров
  • Support for right-to-left languages (currently Arabic and Persian)

Issues Resolved since the last release

  • 0001479: [inbound email] Add plugin in inboundemail.php (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001197: [feedback] Add 2 x plugin_do() statements to feedback_browse.php (Tomse) - resolved.
  • 0001490: [other] main.php does not include $pagescripts correctly (nicdev) - resolved.
  • 0000756: [Chart] Pie-Chart Legend visual bug (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001475: [incidents] Possible to add a critical priority incident even if SLA doesn't support it (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001472: [search] search renewals doesn't work if no license specified (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001480: [SLAs] service level timings are wrongly calculated if the working hours aren't 8. (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001485: [SLAs] service_level_add.php caches last SLA added (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001484: [contracts] License type should have a default (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001483: [incidents] "typo" in report_incidents_recent.php (Tomse) - resolved.
  • 0001478: [sites & contacts] HTML entities displayed as code (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001473: [plugin hooks] Plugin hook in "edit_escalation_path.php" (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001104: [i18n] Missing en-US help files (subwolf) - resolved.
  • 0001410: [other] cleanvar should have an intval option (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001143: [reports] report_customer_contracts.php doens't show contracts with no license type (tom) - resolved.
  • 0001431: [incidents] Incident update page: editing has no submit button (Tomse) - resolved.
  • 0001433: [plugins] Plugin hooks in incident_add.php do not work (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001466: [plugins] if config['plugins'] contains a space in the array it doesn't load the plugins (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001465: [setup/config] Unable to install on mysql 5.5 (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001463: [setup/config] Schema should use ENGINE= rather than TYPE= (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001415: [scheduler] LdapSync and plugins don't run when CheckIncomingMail fails due to bad config (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001436: [sites & contacts] Address to google map only links post number (Tomse) - resolved.
  • 0001429: [setup/config] error message when upgrading from 3.62 to svn3.63 due to clean_int() (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001400: [feedback] Unable to edit question if no question text set (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001428: [permissions] After setting a single checkmark in role permissions, the rest of the tabs gets de-checked (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001376: [inbound email] Importing "screenshots" fails when there is already an attachment to the inbound email. (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001409: [scheduler] Scheduled job that takes longer than next auto.php execution, will have it's start time moved (ivan) - resolved.
  • 0001394: [feedback] Can´t browse feedback (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001352: [reports] Report of intendents (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001140: [reports] report_customer_products.php (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001417: [LDAP] Edit contactdetails deletes username for LDAP users (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001419: [triggers] Error when adding triggers (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001399: [LDAP] ldap_logindisabledattribute produces call of non-object in auto.php (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001392: [other] mime_content_type deprecated (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001411: [LDAP] If LDAP password expires all users are disabled (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001395: [calendar] possible SQL injection (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001402: [sites & contacts] Bug Edit Sites - resolved.
  • 0001391: [search] Search function does not work correctly (nicdev) - resolved.
  • 0001373: [LDAP] SiT will not import LDAP users which have an apostrophe in their name (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001390: [LDAP] Users with apostrophies in their login name can't log in (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001113: [inbound email] Spam subject setting breaks incoming email when empty (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001359: [reports] Report customer contracts csv output broken (paulh) - resolved.
  • 0001378: [reports] Duration column in Site Incidents report. (paulh) - resolved.

[43 Issues]

Known Issues

See bugs logged against v3.63 in Mantis

  • The original release of 3.63 contained a bug that displayed an error message when adding incidents (Bug 001491) - 3.63p1 was released to fix this issue.
  • "Task Due" Trigger does not fire with scheduler and auto.php cron job running. (Bug 0001464)
  • It's not possible to edit the text of the built-in notices using the Edit Template interface, these notices are translated into several languages so to change the text you will have to edit the relevant language file. See Translation for help with that.
  • Viewing tasks for all users displays an error "Input was expected to be numeric" (Bug 001549)

All issues can be viewed in full at where XXX is the issue number.


Thanks to everybody who has helped shape this release, including everybody that has submitted ideas or bug reports, helped to test during the development cycle and all those who submitted code and translations.

Getting Support Incident Tracker v3.63p1

Download.png 3.63p1 was released 17 April 2011 Download it here

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