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Every organisation that you provide to support to is referred to as a site and each site can have a number of 'contacts'.

View sites by selecting Customers | Sites | Browse to get a list and then click on the site name to view details of that site, including contacts.

We recommend that you never delete sites unless absolutely necessary, this is because each site may have a number of associated records, such as contracts or incidents that are related only to that site. If you do decide to Delete, SiT! will prompt you to select another site to receive the associated records.

Site Types

Sites can be organised by placing them into notional categories called Site Types

A default SiT! installation comes with three built-in site types, but you can modify these or add your own.

  • Academic
  • Commercial
  • Unclassified

To add or edit Site Types go to Customers | Maintenance | Site Types

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