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You can configure a set of templates that specify the text of emails and notices that are sent using triggers.


Types of Template

Templates can be either Notices or Emails.

Warning.png The information in this article (or section) relates to SiT! v3.90 and later. Other versions may behave differently, check the version you are using and the documentation carefully.

Email templates can have one of the following types:

  • user - available for use with my notifications.
  • system - available for use with system actions.
  • incident - These will be available for manual use when sending emails from an Incident.

Adding a Template

Go to Sit! | Control Panel | Templates and select Add Template (near the top of the page).

Editing a Template

Go to Sit! | Control Panel | Templates and select the name of the template you wish to edit. Be aware that you need to press enter before you can add/change text.

Template Variables

Some template fields (for example the body text of an email) can use special identifiers (also known as Template Variables) which will be replaced by information from SiT when the template is used. The actual variables that are available for use will depend on which trigger is associated with the template.

    SiT! Support Incident Tracker
    System base path
    System URL
    v3.45 svn4655
    Email address of the holiday approver
    Whether the incident is being closed now, or being marked for closure
    Contact ID
    Email address of incident contact
    First Name of contact
    Full Name of contact
    The Notify Contact email address (if set)
    Contact phone number
    The portal username of a contact
    Contact ID
    Contact Product
    SLA of the maintenance
    The language the user has selected to login using
    Feedback URL
    Global Signature
    ID of the new email in the holding queue
    Number of minutes the email has been in the holding queue
    Extra email addresses to CC regarding incidents
    External Engineers Email
    External Engineers
    External Engineers First Name
    External ID
    Incident ID
    Full name of the person who owns the incident
    Incident Owners Email Address
    Full name of the person who owns the incident manager
    Incident Owners Manager's Email Address
    Incident Priority
    Skill assigned to an incident
    Incident Title
    KB ID
    Knowledge Base
    List of holidays
    Time To Next Action
    Next SLA name
    Whether to user requested to send a closing email, boolean
    Whether to user requested to notify an external engineer of incident closure, boolean
    Incident owner ID
    Hashed URL to reset a password
    The plaintext contact password
    The language the user has stored in their profile
    The email address of the salesperson attached to the contacts site
    The name of the scheduled task
    Whether to send an opening email or not
    The amount of remaining service i.e. 34%
    The amount of remaining service i.e. 0.34
    Current Users Signature
    Site ID
    Site name
    The ID of the site's salesperson
    The name of the site's salesperson
    ID of the SLA
    The SLA tag
    Support Email Address
    Technical Support managers email address
    ID of the task
    Current Date
    Incident temp owner ID
    The footer at the end of an email which explains where it has come from
    Email address to send an user trigger email to
    The ID of the update
    Whether the user is accepting or not
    Email address of current user
    UserID the trigger passes
    Full name of current user
    Status of the user

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