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What our users say:

We have set up an evaluation site of SiT!
The users of my company are evaluating the SiT tool.
I as a developer, I like (s)it a lot!
We'll know what my collegues think of (s)it by the end of january 2014.
Frans - 10/12/2013.
SiT! active en production since 05/05/2014.
Almost 100 active users, 650 sites and 650 contracts, 980 contacts and growing every day.
5000 incidents imported from another system. Already 500 new incidents created.
Users/clients distributed over some 10 countries.
Frans - 14/05/2014
I recommend SiT!
"In January 2010 we replaced our old support system which nobody liked with SiT! It is now used by 6 colleagues everyday and supports over 2500 users worldwide. I have made some development changes so that it integrates well with our existing other internal system/processes but the core engine and interface suit our support team well and we look forward to using SiT! for many years to come. Great product!"
David S, July 2010

"When I first started looking for an application to manage our worldwide level 2 and 3 after sales service questions, I realised very soon how difficult it would be, but after implimenting SiT (v3.36) in December 2008, it was evident that, with such a high level of support for the product (by the developers and community), that it would be a success. Today we have reached over 2000 cases, and SiT has helped us to improve our Turn Around Time by 50% !!"
"In brief SiT has been easy to use, impliment, maintain and customise. With the flexible plugin structure we have managed to easily add features that were specific to our needs."
"Our Engineers are happy because the collective knowledge of all the solutions we provide are retained (easily searched and referenced), and less time is wasted compared to previous cumbersome applications.
Our Customers and support contacts are happy because their technical questions are answered quicker and they are kept informed regularly about the status of their cases.
Our managment is happy because we can deliver to them high quality reports and statistics.
All of this for free!"
"Keep up the good work guys - We love your product!"
Nico du Toit, September 2009 [Eaton Corporation - Technical support Electrical Group - Power quality division]

"SiT never ends. It's really replacing the commercial buggy projects in the market. Guys Cheers UP !! :-)"
Seetha Lakshmi, August 2009 [1]

"Been looking for PHP based case management system, and at last found SiT. I must say this is a fantastic software for anybody who want to use it for IT based support management for customer. Thanks to all developers of SiT who put this great software out as Open Source."
nbl, July 2009 [2]

"I use your application for my town Hall and i’m very satisfied of it. The GUI is well designed and the code is clear and well commented"
Gabriel, July 2008

"I have managed to bin a £15000 helpdesk package and replace it with SiT. [...] Support is fantastic. Its Free. Easy to customise. Its just a very good product."
Jeff Stone, November 2007 [3]

"I'd like to comment on how fabulous this program is, can't believe I didn't find it sooner :D"
"i must say i've been using this for about a week now and I am incredibly impressed with it. One of the most usefull open source programs I've come across."
Simon Green, September 2006 [4]
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