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SiT! can display dates and times in your local timezone if you be sure to configure it carefully first.

  1. Go to SiT! | Control Panel | Configure and then to System | Locale
  2. Set the System Time Zone to match the timezone that is configured on your webserver

Next configure your profile

  1. Go to SiT! | My Details | My Profile
  2. Set UTC Offset (Timezone) to your local timezone

As an administrator you may want to edit the profiles of other users on your system to make sure they have the correct 'UTC Offset (Timezone)' setting.


  1. Go to SiT! | Control Panel | Configure and then to Application | Other
  2. Enable Debug Mode
  3. Go to SiT! | Control Panel | Scheduler

Debug time issues.png


  • Timezone - The timezone that is configured in your SiT! config page
  • User UTC offset: The 'UTC Offset (Timzone)' from your user profile
  • Date / Date now: The current date/time as reported by PHP
  • LDate / LDate now: The current date/time as SiT! will display it
  • LDate now (from system): The current date/time calculated from SiT! system time
  • LDate now (from utc): The current date/time calculated as UTC +/- your user UTC Offset setting.
  • UTC: The current UTC time as calculated by SiT!
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