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Tms Add Timeused
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Current version v1.02
Maintainer Carsten Jensen
Download Download Download
Release status stable
This plugin is stable and ready for use on your production system.


tms_add_timeused plugin

The plugin extends incident closing page with a small field to enter amount of time used on incident


  • Download the tms_add_timeused plugin
  • Extract the tms_add_timeused.tar.gz file to your plugins directory eg /var/www/plugins
  • make SiT aware of the plugin, go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration
    • Locate Load Plugins in the bottom of the screen, and add tms_add_timeused to the comma separated list.


When ever you close an incident, you have the ability to enter an amount of minutes in the field.

If you reopen the incident, close it again, and enter the amount of minutes used, this amount will not overwrite the previously amount. In order for a future statistics page or other, the amount of time should not be added together.

Sit-tms add timeused.png


Translate the plugin into your own language by copying inside the i18n folder to the abbreviation for your language i.e. and edit the text, save and quit.

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