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Tms Log
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Current version v1.12
Maintainer Carsten Jensen
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Release status stable
This plugin is stable and ready for use on your production system.



tms_log extends SiT! by adding a log viewer application. tms_log provides convenient and easy access to the SiT! debug log file.


  • Download the newest version from here,
  • Extract the package
  • Move the contents of tms_log to your plugins directory eg /var/www/plugins
  • make SiT aware of the plugin, go to : SiT | Control Panel | Configuration
    • Locate Load Plugins in the bottom of the screen, and add tms_log to the comma separated list.


Configuring can be done in the plugins tab in the Control Panel -> Configure

  • Display amount of lines per page - shows X number of lines per page (you never guess that did you? :-) )
  • Remove line numbers - this is good if you want to copy paste the log but not have linenumbers


Note: Before using tms_log you must configure SiT! to log errors.

Go to SiT --> Control Panel --> Log Viewer

  • Display amount of lines per page
  • Remove line numbers - this is good if you want to copy paste the log

  • Sorting can be done by clicking on the header of the listing.
  • Click "Delete Log" to empty the logfile and start from scratch
Tms log.png


Translate the plugin into your own language by copying inside the i18n folder to the abbreviation for your language i.e. and edit the text, save and quit.

Version history


  • Initial release for SiT v4.x (incl v3.90)


  • Fixed a bug that couldn't clean out the log file


  • Fixed a bug that didn't show line numbers


  • Added Pagination
  • Added config page
    • choice of line number display
    • choice of amount of lines being listed per page


  • Initial release for SiT 3.63


  • Release for SiT 3.62 - contains same fixes as v1.11
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