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Improve SiT by translating it

How to translate editing the language file

Preferably you should copy the <sit-root>/i18n/ to the language code you are translating to; en lowercase is the language, GB upper case is the country.

You can use any editor you want as long as it can save in UTF8, an editor with highlighting is recommended.

Some free editors for different operating systems which can handle this.


  • Make sure that each text string is within apostrophes. Example : 'some text'
  • Make sure that each line ends with a semicolon. Example : $strSomeText = 'some text';

How to translate from within SiT!

After creating your language file and placing it into the correct location, you may need to edit lib\ (the section you need is where it mentions "$i18n_codes = array", then add a new line for your language). This will enable the newly created language file to appear as an option in drop down list's on the help > Translate page.

Once your otions are availabe from the Translate page drop down selection list, you have the choice of selecting which language you want to translate into (selection box to the right), but also the choice of which language to translate from (selection box to the left). The translate from part should only be used if the translate from language is 100% complete.

It's probably best to translate from English (British) where possible but you can translate from one of the languages that has been fully translated if this is easier for you.

Translate lang selection 3.60.png

During translations you want to jump to the next untranslated string. Use your browsers search, and search for a * this helps you to get to the next untranslated string as well.

Some notes has been added in several places, helping you to understand the meaning of the following word, this is due to that some English words have multiple meanings.

Translate sample 3.60.png

Because the translation table is quite big, and translating on the windows platform is very slow a bug of pagination the translation page has been added.

Bug.png A bug has been reported that affects this functionality: Translation page should be paginated

Help files

There are a number of help files that may also need translation, these files are seperate to the language file. The files are stored in subfolders in <sit-root>/help/

It is suggested to copy the en-GB folder to a new folder named after your language and the copied files with a text editor, replacing the original text. The files need to be saved in UTF8 format.

It should be noted that there is no option to edit the seperate files within the Translate page at this time.

How to submit your translations

There are a couple of ways for you to submit your translations.

  • Attach them in an email and send them to Ivan Lucas ivanlucas[at]
  • If you have access to committing to SVN, you can commit there.

Get Help

The are a couple of ways to get help

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