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Guide to translating the wiki pages

Broom icon32.png This is a draft article (or section) and is a work-in-progress.
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Wiki Syntax

If you are new to wiki editing, check out this quick start wiki editing guide.

Language rules

Each page, but the english, should have the language code defined. For example the Main_Page should be defined as Main_Page/DA for danish language.

If you create a template for your own language, please keep this in mind. I.e. {{draft}} should not be made into {{kladde}} as it is called in danish, but preferable {{draft/DA}}

The same rule applies to Categories.

Page Titles

To translate the page title, use the DISPLAYTITLE template, e.g. {{DISPLAYTITLE:Handbuch}} will set the page title to be "Handbuch".

Language bar

If you see a page that doesn't have a language bar in the bottom, feel free to add it. It should be the last entry of the whole page.

  • This is what you need to add: {{Languages}}

If your language isn't represented in the language bar, please post a message in the forum, and this will be fixed shortly.

Wiki Links

When linking to another wiki page, keep the link to the English page until you are ready to translate the destination page so that we don't have broken links everywhere (red links).

e.g. Before Translation: [[Introduction|Einführung]], After Translation: [[Introduction/DE|Einführung]]

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