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How to install SiT on GNU/Linux

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Sites, Contacts and Contracts - Video

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Introduction to triggers - Video

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Expand disk drive on the VM

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A beginners guide to Support Incident Tracker

This basic tutorial walks you though some common tasks. This tutorial assumes you are using v3.30.

First we need to login, if you haven't got an account yet, you'll have to ask your administrator to create you one


After logging in you'll be presented with your dashboard, we'll configure your dashboard later, but for now you might want to notice that there are various information panels (dashboard components) and that you can drag these around your dashboard to position them how you like


Adding an incident

Let's add an incident to see how they work, first go to the Support menu then choose Add Incident The first step to adding an incident is to find the contact we'd like to add an incident for by typing the contacts name or site into the search box. Note that the box autocompletes from the letters you type.


After hitting Find Contact you are presented with several lists with options of which person and which contract to log the incident under. As you can see for this search of 'John' there are two contracts that match but one of them is terminated. You can ignore the second list for now, that shows all the contacts matching 'John' and allows you to log an incident against the site rather than the contract. For now lets click Add Incident next to contract 4, the second row. This will start to log a new incident under contract 4.


Now we get to the part where we actually describe what the incident is about, first we select which skill we are supporting, a list of skills available via this contract is shown in the drop down list. Then we give the incident a title and begin to fill in as much detail as we can about the problem.

At the bottom of the page we can choose to send an email to the customer confirming that an incident has been logged and informing him of the incident number. (This email is configurable via a template). We can also set the priority of the incident, it is best to base this on the actual impact the problem is having on the customer. A low priority might be suitable for a general usage question, whereas critical priority would usually mean the customer is severely affected and cannot continue without help. Once we're happy the add incident form is filled in a fully as we can we click the **Add Incident** button at the bottom.

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The newly created incident is then assigned to a user based on a weighted lottery taking into account factors such as number of incidents, appropriate skills, status and more. This functionality can be turned off to allow incidents to be assigned manually.

That's how you add an incident, a fairly simple step by step process really. ...more tutorials soon...

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