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Note: Unless you are familiar with PHP, it is not recommended to use non-released versions of SiT! (i.e. SVN versions). These versions are not tested for general use and there might not be an easy upgrade path for the next release from such intermediate versions.

Info.png Tip: SiT! will upgrade your existing database schema (if required) and preserve your data. Even so, we strongly recommend you make a backup (and test it!) before starting an upgrade.

To upgrade simply copy all the new files over the existing ones being careful not to overwrite your config file or any custom themes or language files you might have. Then access setup.php in your browser and follow the instructions on-screen. (See Installation if you need help with the setup script)

Further instructions and notes about specific upgrades follow, if you are upgrading and skipping several versions listed below you should read everything carefully to make sure you've met all the requirements: Some releases do not have specific instructions for upgrading and are therefore not mentioned below.

The account used for MySQL will need to have the following permissions to perform an upgrade:

  • Alter
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Select
  • Update


Upgrading to 3.66

Previous releases of SiT! used a potentially insecure method to generate the hash that is used for your attachments folder, we recommend you rename your attachments folder to randomise the hash part and make it harder to guess, you should then edit your config.inc.php and adjust your $CONFIG['attachment_fspath'] setting to ensure the new folder name is picked up by SiT!.

Changes to the plugin_do('email arrived'); in inboundemail.php, if you have a plugin that depends on this plugin context, please pay attention that we have removed the $params from the statement. These values can now be picked up as $GLOBALS in your plugin.

Upgrading to 3.61, 3.62, 3.63, 3.64, or 3.65

Standard upgrade, nothing extra to be aware of.

Upgrading to 3.60

3.60 only shows incidents in the queues which are assigned to an engineer (owner > 0) in previous versions it was possible in certain scenarios to see unassigned incidents in the queue this is no longer possible, incidents must first be assigned via the holding queue.

In the last few releases the calculation for 'Review Due' has been badly wrong, this release fixes that so you may notice that some incidents become due for review after upgrading.

Upgrading to 3.51

Standard upgrade, nothing extra to be aware of.

Upgrading to 3.50

  • The portal knowledge base is now publicly accessible by default. A link is placed on the SiT! login screen to the knowledgebase where all articles with a distribution of 'Public' will be shown. If you do not want this, you can disable this by changing Configure | Features | Portal | Portal/Public Knowledge base.
  • The LDAP code has been extended and rewritten since v3.45, if you are already using LDAP you should be aware that you will have to reconfigure this after upgrading to 3.50.
  • This release has some big changes to timezone support, you may need to adjust your timezone settings after upgrading to ensure the correct time is displayed.

Upgrading to 3.45

Info.png Info: Please read these instructions carefully, your upgrade may fail if you do not

The file layout of SiT! has changed a lot from the last release (namely all files from /htdocs/ are now in the directory above), so the recommendations are as follows:

  • Backup your /includes/config.inc.php file
  • Backup your /attachments/ folder
  • Backup any customised files, plugins, themes and i18n files
  • Delete all the files from your entire sit install (leaving your database alone)
  • Unpack the new version
  • (Optional) If you have set /htdocs/ to be your web root, this needs to be changed to be the directory above now
  • Update your $CONFIG['application_webpath'] to point to the new location, for example from /sit/htdocs/ to /sit/
  • Move your attachments directory outside of the web root, or make it secure using .htaccess (or the equivalent for your web server)
  • Remove any existing php include_path settings for SiT, this is no longer required
  • Update your cron to point to the new location of auto.php
  • Edit your config.inc.php file to set $CONFIG['attachment_fspath'] to point to the new location of your attachments directory
  • Put your config.inc.php back into the root sit directory
  • Access setup.php in your browser to complete the upgrade

All custom settings that are in your config.inc.php except attachment location and database settings will automatically be transferred to database storage, this is an automatic process.

In previous versions it was possible for a single user to have multiple incident activities running simultaneously, this functionality was never intended and has been removed for this release (Mantis 434). From this release onwards only one activity per user per incident is allowed to run at once.

Plugins designed for any version prior to 3.45 will not work with 3.45 without being modified, see the Creating Plugins page for the latest plugin documentation.

The config variable $CONFIG['support_manager_email'] is now obsolete and has been removed, if you have configured this it will be ignored. You must visit SiT! | Control Panel | Configure and to Application | Other to set your support manager instead, this defaults to the first user in the system, usually your SiT Administrator.

A new config variable $CONFIG['default_entitlement'] has been created which allows you to specify a number of days holiday entitlement to give to new users as they are added. This won't affect any existing users. We've set this to 21 days, but you can of course alter it.

The SiT integrated spellcheck feature has been removed, it has been unmaintained for a few years and browsers like Firefox do a much better job of spellcheck anyway.

Upgrading to 3.41

No special actions are required.

Upgrading to 3.40

From this version we no longer allow brackets "(" and ")" in trigger rules, if you have any brackets in your existing rules they will be stripped out. We don't believe this will cause any problems, if it does please create a bug report.

Upgrading to 3.36

No special actions are required, however you should be aware that the QBE report now requires Administrate permission (22).

Upgrading to 3.35

As of 3.35 we've changed our minimum requirement for php to 5.0.0 as php4 has been end-of-life for some time now and won't receive any patches at all after 2008-08-08.

This version swaps the load order for config files, if you are using /etc/sit.conf these values are now loaded first, and then config.inc.php is loaded next. This may affect your settings if you are using both files. We recommend you use just one config file unless your needs are very specific.

This version supports table prefixes, if you use this feature any plugins you have installed that are not designed to work with 3.35 may break.

The scheduler, auto.php no longer accepts parameters. Scheduled actions are now configured from within SiT by going to SiT! -> Control Panel -> Scheduler.

The config variable $CONFIG['tipsfile'] has been deprecated and is now ignored, tips are now stored in htdocs/help/en-GB/tips.txt (and similar paths for other languages). If you have written your own tips, please consider posting them on our forum so that we can include them in future releases for the benefit of others.

Sending an email when an incident is logged is no longer made optional at the time the incident is added. Logging an incident now fires the 'Incident Created' trigger which in turn sends an email based upon the INCIDENT_LOGGED template. This action can be removed if you prefer.

From this version new incidents will be automatically assigned to engineers based on the workload (queue size) of each engineer, the skills required and the online status of the engineers. This can be turned off and the old (pre 3.35 behaviour) where a list of engineers is presented and the user is given the choice of who to assign to by setting the config variable $CONFIG['auto_assign_incidents'] to FALSE.

Upgrading to 3.32

New in this version is the ability for users to set their own local timezone in their profile. This will adjust the display of dates and times to the users timezone. Users timezones will default to UTC until they explicity set it by editing their profile. You should pass this information on to your users that reside in timezones other than system timezone.

Incidents can no longer be closed if they have not been assigned. It was never intended that this be the case.

Upgrading to 3.31

From now on all SiT users must have unique email addresses, this was previously an expectation but it was not enforced so it is possible that your database has some duplicates. This will not cause any issues unless one of those users requests to reset a forgotten password, in which case only one of the users owning the email address will be able to reset. Additionally if either of the users sharing an email address edit their profile, they will be told that email addresses must be unique.

New for this version is support for multiple display languages. After you upgrade, users will have no specific language defined in their profile and will therefore use the default language which you can now configure using the new config variable $CONFIG['default_i18n']. You can set this to an rfc4646/rfc4647/ISO 639 code which corresponds to an existing file in the includes/i18n directory. E.g. $CONFIG['default_i18n']='cy-GB'; Users are also given the opportunity to configure a display language at login and also in their profile, this language can be different to the default language you have set.

Contracts can now optionally limit the number of supported contacts. Some fields for contracts are now accessed via an 'Advanced' section of the add/edit contract page.

Upgrading to 3.30

The minimum supported MySQL version is now 4.0.18, if you have a version older than this you MUST upgrade it before upgrading SiT.

Previous versions of SiT referred to 'Products' and 'Software', in v3.30 'Software' has been renamed to 'Skills'. This is because SiT gets used for supporting more than just software and the more generic term 'skill' seemed more appropriate to how it's used with SiT. Similarly the term 'Backup Engineer' has been renamed to 'Subsitute Engineer' to avoid confusion with engineers specialising in backup software.

There is a new system email 'NEARING_SLA' that is sent to the configured support manager email and to engineers when an incident is getting close to going past it's SLA target. You may want to alter the text of this template or change it's destinations.

The old search plugin for Firefox 1.x versions has been discontinued in favour of a new OpenSearch plugin.compatable with Firefox 2 and IE7

The dashboard in this version is much more usable, after upgrading you may want to visit SiT! -> Control Panel -> Manage Dashboard Components to install and enable the components that are available and that you would like your users to be able to access.

This releases adds four new permissions, 'Delete Products', 'Install Dashboard Components', 'Run Management Reports' and 'Manage Holidays' by default only the Administrator and users with the Administrator role will have these permissions you may want to review individual users permissions to ensure they meet your needs.

Upgrading to 3.24

Permissions have been added for the new 'Add Reseller' and 'Manage Escalation Paths' features, no users will have these permissions after upgrading, you should check each users' permissions (and/or role permissions) to ensure they meet your needs.

Administrators can now disable accounts by editing a users profile and setting status to disabled. If you have redundant user accounts we recommend you do this now.

Multiple global email signatures are now possible, you may want to visit SiT! -> Control Panel -> Email Settings -> Global Signature and add more signatures (to be chosen at random).

Email templates can now store information in the incident log, this can be set individually for each template, you may want to review your templates and adjust this. See SiT! -> Control Panel -> Email Settings -> Edit Template

Users can now be placed in groups, if you want to group your users go to SiT! -> Control Panel -> Users -> User Groups

You can now add vendors, you may want to group your products by vendor, see Customers -> Maintenance -> Products & Software Add Vendor and see also Edit Product. For example you may want to group some of your Linux Support products under Red Hat and others under Mandriva. It's also possible to edit products and edit or delete software records you may find it helpful to do some housekeeping.

Upgrading to 3.23

As of v3.23 SiT! no longer requires the php.ini setting register_globals to be on. Therefore we *strongly* recommend that you make sure your php.ini has register_globals set OFF, this has been the default since PHP 4.2.0 but since SiT! previously required it to be ON you should check your php.ini.

Some permissions have changed with the introduction of the new roles based permissions system, after upgrading you should check role permissions and then assign roles to your users, finally you should check each users' permissions to ensure they meet your needs.

You should read the README file regarding setting up scheduled tasks

Upgrading from 3.20 to 3.21

Email templates can now insert updates into the incident log that are hidden from the customer view. You should review your email templates and set the update visibility of each.

The config variable attachment_path has been renamed to attachment_fspath and a new variable attachment_webpath has been created for the web view of the same path.

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