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Realname Carsten Jensen better known as Tomse (or in some places like sourceforge 'cjreddragon')

  • email : carsten |at|
  • Country of origin : Denmark
  • Birth year : 1975

I started translating SiT into Danish in October 2008 Since then I've contributed to SiT by reporting bugs, testing, comming up with ideas of improvement and alot of other things.

My skills with php back then was next to nothing, but I've developed my skills, now I'm fixing a few bugs here and there.

But my biggest contribution since doing the translation is the tms_backup and dashlet.

1st of April 2010 I told Ivan Lucas that I didn't have time for SiT anymore, he was very sad to hear this (until I told him to check the date xD)

My contributions today are as listed:

  • Forum moderator & contributer (answering posts)
  • Wiki moderator & contributer (writing articles)
  • Bug reporter
  • Fixing easy bugs
  • VMware Maintainer
  • Making video tutorials
  • Doing graphics
  • Hanging out on IRC, trying to help people there when the core team is not available.
  • Hosting sitbot.
  • And of course translations into Danish.

I met the SiT core developer team at FOSDEM in Belgium in 2010, really nice people, this was my first OpenSource gathering I was at, quite an experience.

My GPG Keys:

  • private key ID : 2007D703
  • sitracker key ID : 7739BB1B
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