Are you suspecting your partner of Snapchat cheating? It’s a nagging feeling that can eat away at you. After all, Snapchat makes it so easy to exchange messages and photos that disappear without a trace. How can you really know what’s going on behind those self-destructing snaps and chats? Don’t let the doubts and suspicions consume you. 

We’ll show you how to spot the red flags of a Snapchat cheater and what you can do about it.

Why Do People Cheat on Snapchat? 

There’s no denying that Snapchat has features that make it easier for cheaters to cover their tracks. Cheating Snapchat messages vanish within seconds, leaving no evidence behind. It provides a false sense of security, making people bolder about pursuing illicit conversations and relationships.

Some use Snapchat to escape the monotony of a long-term relationship. The thrill of secretive flirting and exchanging risque snaps can be a tempting distraction. Others get carried away living out fantasies with an attractive acquaintance. The casual nature of the app blurs boundaries.

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on Snapchat

Whatever the reasons, Snapchat cheating is an unfortunate reality many couples face. So how can you tell if your significant other has crossed the line from innocent snapping to deceitful dealings? Watch out for these telling signs.

Sign 1: Their Phone Is Practically Glued to Their Hand

A classic cheater move is guarding their phone obsessively so you can’t see what they’re up to. Does your partner freak out if you innocently pick up their phone? Do they always angle the screen away from your view? These are signs they’re hiding unsavory Snapchat cheating evidence.

Sign 2: Snapchat Has Become Their Go-To App

Has your partner gone from an occasional Snapchat user to being glued to the app all day? A sudden spike in activity is a red flag. If they’re constantly snapping and giggling at inside jokes you’re not privy to, there may be someone else commanding their attention.

Sign 3: They Get Defensive About Your Questions

You don’t have to outright accuse your partner of  Snapchat cheating to gauge their reaction. Just casually ask about a snap you noticed or who they’ve been chatting with. If they get defensive or angry in response to innocuous questions, there’s likely an underlying issue.

Sign 4: Their Snap Score Is Skyrocketing

Snap scores are tallies of how many snaps a user has sent and received. You can view someone’s score if you’re on their friend list. So, if your partner’s score is increasing suspiciously fast, it likely means they’re in an intense Snapchat exchange with someone. 

Sign 5: Their Settings Have Gotten More Restrictive

People who have Snapchat cheating evidence to hide often tweak their privacy settings. If your partner used to have an open “everyone” setting and suddenly switched to “my friends,” they may be trying to cover their tracks.  

Sign 6: They Have a New Snapchat Best Friend

Best friend emojis on Snapchat indicate the people a user interacts with the most. If you and your partner used to have matching hearts next to your names, but now there’s a different emoji by theirs, it means someone new has taken the top spot. That’s not a good sign.

Sign 7: Their Snap Location Is Suspiciously Disabled 

Snap Map lets you see a friend’s real-time location. Use it to uncover cheating Snapchat secrets. If your partner suddenly has the feature turned off, and their bitmoji is nowhere to be found, they may be going places they don’t want you to know about. It could indicate a physical affair.

Sign 8: Endless Snapchat Notifications Light Up Their Phone

Is your partner’s phone constantly abuzz with Snapchat alerts, even late at night? Are previews of snaps from unfamiliar names showing up on their lock screen? Unless there’s an innocent explanation, like a group chat, this level of activity warrants concern.

Sign 9: They Overreact When You Joke About Snapchat Cheating

Playfully teasing your partner about their Snapchat use shouldn’t result in a major blowup. If you make an offhand joke about them chatting up cuties and they lose their cool, their reaction could be a sign of a guilty conscience. When someone is actually innocent, a cheating Snapchat joke may sting a little, but it won’t trigger an over-the-top response.

Sign 10: They’re Emotionally Distant and Checked Out

Is your once attentive partner suddenly cold and detached? Do they seem lost in thought, only perking up when a Snapchat notification pings? Emotional affairs can be just as devastating as physical ones. Don’t overlook the signs of someone falling for a Snapchat fling.

How to Catch a Cheater on Snapchat

If the Snapchat cheating signs are pointing to your partner being unfaithful, it’s time to take action. You have a few options for exposing their duplicitous ways:

Confront Them With Hard Evidence

This is the most direct approach. Gather concrete proof, like screenshots of inappropriate messages (if you can get them before they disappear). Then, sit your partner down for a serious talk. It’s hard for them to deny wrongdoing when the receipts are in your hand.

Use mSpy to Uncover the Truth

If you need help collecting Snapchat cheating evidence, consider using a monitoring tool like mSpy. It lets you see Snapchat messages, even after they’ve been deleted. You can also view contact lists, photos, and videos exchanged through the app. Having access to their full chat history makes it easier to spot inappropriate behavior.

Some of mSpy’s key features for catching a Snapchat cheater include:

– Read sent and received cheating Snapchat messages 

– View a list of Snapchat friends and their details

– Check dates and durations of Snapchat conversations

– See photos and videos saved in memories

– Get alerts for suspicious keywords used in chats

While using a monitoring app may feel sneaky, sometimes it’s the only way to get peace of mind and make an informed decision about your relationship. 

Bring It Up Casually in Conversation

Want to see if your partner slips up and reveals something incriminating? Try mentioning Snapchat in casual conversation. For example, “I heard Snapchat has a new filter that shows who you snap with most. Isn’t that wild?” Then, see if they start nervously chattering about how the app works or who they’ve been talking to. Sometimes, cheaters can’t help but tell on themselves.


Discovering that your partner is cheating on Snapchat is a gut-wrenching experience that no one deserves. But burying your head in the sand won’t make the problem go away. By knowing the signs to watch for and being proactive, you can get the answers you need. 

Remember, you have every right to set boundaries about what you consider cheating, whether it’s in the physical world or the virtual one. Don’t let anyone disrespect you by stepping out via Snapchat. You’ve got this.


What do I do if I catch my partner cheating on Snapchat?

Take time to process the information and your emotions. Think about what outcome you want for the relationship. If you decide to confront your partner, do so at a time when you can discuss things calmly. Consider enlisting the help of a couples counselor or trusted friend for support.

Is Snapchat really a cheating app?

While Snapchat itself is not designed for cheating, some people take advantage of features like disappearing messages to engage in inappropriate conversations behind their partner’s back. However, cheating comes down to the individual’s choices, not the app itself. 

Can cheating Snapchat messages really disappear?

Snapchat is designed to delete messages after they’ve been viewed. However, the recipient can take a screenshot, preserving the message. There are also some third-party apps that can be used to automatically save messages and media.

By Kyle Brady

Kyle Brady is a seasoned author with a profound understanding of relationships and the complexities of human interaction. With a keen insight into the dynamics of trust and fidelity, Brady specializes in guiding individuals through the challenging terrain of suspicions and infidelity. Through his work, he empowers readers with knowledge on catching cheaters, fostering healthier connections, and reclaiming personal integrity.

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